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105lbs Freshman year of HS vs 6 Years Later (yes 6years) at 160lbs today. More of a fluctuation between 158-160 cause I can never stay at a constant weight lol. This just goes to show that this body transformation stuff does take time and yeah I’m still a small slim Jim. But shoutout to all my gym bros that have helped me along the way and made Gainz with me. Hopefully this motivates at least one of you guys to stay consistent in your goals whether it be Fitness or life and to just keep pushing and grinding. #roadto170lbs Want to see me do more fitness related stuff go follow my other IG: @golden_lolo28 #patience #consistency #dedication #smallasf #semigainz #mostlyweightgain #butletskeepgoing
Always a great time with my OGs y’all some real ones and good seeing my boiis that I spent all my High school years with! Happy New Year y’all spend it with your loved ones and surround yourself with dope ass peeps 🙏🏽 Bless Up #happynewyear2019 #OGs #Squad
It’s December baby. Time for Chrishmas lol lowkey one of my favorite months of the year, next to my birth month. Hope y’all have a great December. And for those of us in school, we only got two weeks left. Let’s Grind Through this!! 📷: @kris.kaiklian #december #dattreedoe #biggerthanmy ... #sobright #brighterthanmyfuture #sauce
Happy Birthday to the realest G since sophomore year of HS we’ve been through a lot together bro and hope we can go through a lot more real shit cause you the best homie I can have thanks for everything and happy 20th Birthday man you finally a big boii lol 📷: me
“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”- Stan Lee My guy had a cameo in almost every Marvel movie to date thank you for helping create so many of my favorite heroes. Rest In Paradise you Legend!!
Happy Halloween from the 3 hawmies! Y’all some real ones! Tell me why Ravenna looks like our proud mom tho lol #halloween #pumpkinpatch #pumpkins #sauce #yuh #imrunningoutofhashtags
Happy birthday bro you’re finally 20 years young ya damn A1 model stay lit and as energetic as you always are. Love you G. 📷: me #birthdayboii #20yearsyoung #sirwangthegreat
Just wanted to wish this amazing woman a Happy Birthday and hope she has the best day ever. She is like an older sister to me and has always been awesome since I met her my JR year of HS. Thanks for always being there and dealing with my weird ass lol even though you can lowkey be just as weird. Thank you for taking me to my first awards show it was awesome and got to spend a lot of time with you and catch up. Thank you for always being amazing 🙏🏽. Love ya Bianca :)
Happy National Dog Day to my Woofers and my lil Sub Woofer our here (he’s more of a wrinkler tho) if you get these references you a real one lol. #happynationaldogday #doggosbeingdoggos #rotweiler #boxer #boxersofinstagram #bulldog #bulldogsofinstagram
Just tryna see what this future holds for me... 📷: @kris.kaiklian #la #losangeles #chinatown #chitown
Just wanted to give a happy Birthday to my A1 since Day 1. My brother from a diff mother. El guero sin el pelo. The dude who constantly takes care of me even when he isn’t presently there. Hope you are out there being safe on your 20th and livin life to the fullest like you always do. I love you bro hopefully when you come back I’ll have a full time job 😂 I’ll keep that as a promise to you lol. Much love brother 🙏🏽 God Bless
Went to Santa Monica for the buff bunny event to go and meet my dads @christianguzmanfitness @maxxchewning too bad I didn’t get to talk to them as much to get some fatherly advice. Also got a pic with the awesome @ashleyruth_ yet couldn’t get one with my boii Derek or even Heidi. Well hopefully next time. #alphalete #everforward #buffbunnycollection #icyeverytime #myhandswereshakingsomaxxhadtotakethepic #checkmygut #bulkmodeengaged #whatnotworkingoutforamonthgetsyou
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