Kelsea Ballerini


In Nashville pretending I’m back in dreamy tulum.
This was me 4 years ago to the day in Walmart buying my debut record. Thank you for 4 years of memories and sing alongs and for welcoming those 12 songs into your lives like you have. What’s your favorite The First Time track??
and just like that the Miss Me More tour is over. Loved EVERY SECOND. thank you.
my boys ❤️ (Dibs is sleeping because he chased the Cornhole sacks back and forth for 3 hours previous to this photo)
“Sometimes I’m my mother’s daughter, sometimes I’m her friend” ❤️
I’m really proud of the 15 year old starry-eyed, naive girl that moved to Nashville and dreamt up stages and lighting and costumes and making a show that felt like you stepped into a different world for a night for the last 10 years. That thought sucker punched me last night on the last note of the last song. //I’m so grateful for my insanely incredible road family & crew that pulled this arena tour off without a dang glitch, my band/brothers, @aegpresentsnash , @sandboxent , @_fireplay_ , and everyone that shared their magic to make this happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll never forget this tour. #missmemoretour ❤️👠🥂
still 😱 that you sold this place out last night. thank you so much for showing up like you have for this tour. A lot of feelings as we wrap it up tonight in Fargo. Mostly pure gratitude. ❤️ #missmemoretour
I was really insecure today. There wasn’t anything particular that went wrong, I just had a really off day. Wasn’t a fan of myself, and then had to go out to one of the biggest crowds of the tour. And I’ll admit, I was WAY in my head for those first few songs. “Do I even sound good” “I feel bloated and gross” “are people going to leave because they decide they don’t like me”. I just want to say thanks for changing that mood for me tonight, Duluth. By the middle of the show the smile was genuine and I was reminded that music and human connection heal insecurity and self doubt. Thanks for throwing lots of love my way tonight. I hope you felt some too. And if you’re feeling the same way, you’re sooooo not alone and you’re sooooo lovely. Ok night night.
I look forward to this moment every show. 👠❤️
Inspiration is a chain reaction. Whether it’s a friend that encourages you to take a chance, a teacher or colleague that challenges you to push yourself, or your favorite musician, politician, chef, journalist, entrepreneur, anything. It’s a beautiful thing to remember that we are ALL that for somebody, and appreciating the people that are that for us. So whether you’re following in another woman’s footsteps or blazing your own trail, you really CAN be anything. Thanks for having me be a role model, @barbie ! Go check out the whole Be Anything tour schedule at @walmart 💕✨👱🏼‍♀️#ad #barbie60
Heading into the last weekend of the Miss Me More tour. I’ve loved every second of every show and feel so lucky to have shared it with these guys. Duluth, Cedar Rapids, Fargo we’re heading your way!!!
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