Always chasing experience 🇨🇦 📧 📧

A quick 24 hour stop in NYC. We paid our respects at ground zero, saw some old friends, and met some new ones (one being a football legend🏈) See you again next year big 🍎
Summer is half way over already?? Anyone have some fun plans in August?? Can we come?? I promise we can be a fun time!
#GiftedProduct “Hey babe, let’s get bikes for the summer so we can stay really fit” quickly turned into “Let’s go biking and get ice cream… again”🍦🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♂️ . . Ok, so we do both, thanks to @TriangleRewards and @CanadianTire #TriangleMoments
I hope the all stars doing @bachelorinparadise this summer get the most out of the crazy experience. It has changed the path of my whole life, and I love the adventure we are still on 🙏🏻❤️ The biggest challenge is turning reality tv into actual reality. Appreciate the opportunity you’re given by this cool once in a lifetime show because it might just change your whole world. Ask me 2 years ago if I ever thought I’d be in love and living in Canada with a German-American I met on a beach in Mexico in front of cameras, friends, strangers, and crabs. That’s all, dinners ready. (Ps. It’s a 🎤 around my waist/neck in pic #2 . Get asked that a lot)
Great company, live music, and cold drinks. Put that on my tombstone 🎶 💜 . . . #TheMountinsareCalling @osheaga
We had a cute little work visitor today:) just as cute as 3 years ago 👉🏼swipe 💛 My buddy Derek and I were hired 8 years ago together and it’s so great to see his family grow with a second baby on the way. Congratulations brother. He says I’m 2 behind and need to catch up!! (👋🏻 😉😉@astridloch you hear that??)
I love home. I love Astrid. I love popsicles. . . Tonight we are headed to @russelled @dustinlynchmusic @thomasrhettakins as they kick off the summer concert season.. Also as our summer of “waste no nights” continue ❤️#adventurebuddies
I’m the captain now.
Hi there.. room for one more??👋🏻😍 . . . 📸:
Cold beer, the lake, and a group of firemen = a lot of laughs. Always find time to get away from the stresses of life and spend quality time with good people #brotherhood #partner #themountainsarecalling #duenorthairbnb
Long weekend checklist; Cooler full of @coorslightcanada ✅ Sunscreen (Astrids orders) ✅ Competitive cornhole ✅ No shoes, no shirt, no problems ✅🌞Anyone else getting to the lake this holiday? #duenorthairbnb #themountainsarecalling #partner
Mom and dad are weird sometimes 😜
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