Kevin Parry

stop-motion animator + video wizard ✨

Happy Piña Colada Day! Diving into some refreshing #MalilbuRum to stay cool this summer. 🍹 #sponsored @MalibuRumUS
Turning this #4thofJuly barbecue tropical with some grilled pineapple and a #MalibuBayBreeze , courtesy of @MalibuRumUS ! #sponsored #MalibuRum
@MalibuRumUS called me out for the #bottlecapchallenge ! How'd I do? #MalibuRum #sponsored
Trick shot w/ @bbsdoingnothing ! 🙏 Who should I collaborate with next?
Will never forget the week I spent in sunny Punta Cana for the Malibu Games! Lots of great memories and friendships made thanks to @MalibuRumUS including me in this spectacular summer event ☀️ #MalibuRum #sponsored
14 hours to cut up this flower 🌱💐🌱💐🌱💐🌱 #stopmotion #animation #satisfying
Took my magical talents to @Wendys to make some upgraded chicken sandwiches like the new Made to Crave Avocado BLT, S'Awesome Bacon, and BBQ sandwiches. Which is your favorite? #ad
Heads up
Wizard Trick Shots ✨ I was digging through the archives and remembered I made this two years ago. I miss the wizard videos! I swear this is 100% real and not at all visual effects 😂 #illusion #magic #wizard
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