It’s our 10th birthday! Join the party.

Find out how a "party game for horrible people" (@cardsagainsthumanity ) opened the door to a whole wave of IRL fun—including #Kickstarted favorites like @gameofkittens and @playspaceteam —at the link in our bio.
Writer, director and producer @royeokupe , a seven-time Kickstarter creator, shares what he’s learned about building community and getting past the fear of failure. Read his essay at
Launching a Kickstarter campaign, but unsure where to start? Our Creator Handbook can help. A favorite piece of advice: Pretend you’re explaining your project to a friend, and take it from there. Learn more about telling your story at
American poet and essayist @ocean_vuong sat down with Amy Rose Spiegel (@verymuchso ) to talk about being generous in your work. Read the full interview from @thecreativeindependent at
Elan Lee made @gameofkittens and @throwthrowburrito ; Paul Budnitz created @ellohype and @kidrobot before launching @superplastic. Read their conversation on how community-first projects have overthrown elitist cultural tastemakers at
We're 10 today! Celebrate with us:
Do you prefer creative experiences that reflect beauty, or involve popcorn? Be honest:
Here’s what it means to get behind a stranger’s creative vision:
How does a “party game for horrible people" also take aim at inequality and consumer culture? Link in bio:
Which sound makes you light up? Needle hitting a record or pages flipping in the wind? Let’s get weird:
How did an armchair journalist scoop the biggest news outlets? Read all about it:
What did you do for your last birthday? We won’t tell anyone:
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