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Turbo GreenπŸ”₯ What’s your rotation this week? πŸ‘Ÿ (Link in bio) βœ… πŸ“Έ @iamraynegron #klekt #klekttakeover
Logo (Insole) - UV Test Colour: Under UV light the authentic version glows orange (1) whereas on the replica version glows a yellow colour (2) Alignment: The Nike and Sacai logo align with each other (3) but on the replica the Sacai logo is wider and goes out of the alignment of the Nike Logo (4). You will also Notice the Sacai font is thicker as well. Print: One way to tell a replica logo on the insole is poor printing quality, in this version you can see some of the ink (5) has smudged from the font. #klekt #klekttakeover
Heel Area As mentioned before you can see on the Authentic version there is grey suede material used (1) but on the replica its a synthetic leather material used (2). This will change as the replicas get better, but with our microscopic technology we aim to stay 1 step ahead. (3) On the replica there is a point where the material has been cut. On the Authentic paid this is not present. (4) The colour of font used on the replica is darker grey than that of the Authentic. #klekt #klekttakeover
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