Kyrie Irving


Hermetic Friends x @rocnation x @brooklynnets
@brooklynnets It’s always been in the cards!
“The Journey is the Reward” Eye only know the best for Me... Family First. @rocnation @rocnationsports
Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go -Oscar Wilde Do not let others tell YOUR story! How could they? These are the moments that make up life’s beautiful Essence for Me and I welcome all Peaceful and All-knowing communities in the universe. My light brothers and sisters I am here with you, ready to ride out to see change for humanity. 🔺369🔺 11:11 👁
Ego has no room between You and Me. We are One! I am.
🔺Home🔺 Mount Kurama Kyoto, Japan
🔺369🔺 👁 Life forever
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