★ Larri Merritt ★

hey girlies 🦋

happy birthday to the best best friend in the entire world. sorry im going to be a cheesy little bitch but thank you for everything you’ve done for me. i wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you LOVE YOU THE MOST. I can’t believe we’re the only friendship on YouTube who hasn’t had a scandal against each other. Love that for us 😎 here are some of my favorite videos we’ve filmed together. Which one is your fav?
someone from my high school that bullied the shit out of me just followed me so i wanted to post this to remind him that im that bitch & prettier than your girlfriend ❤️
same energy x2 😎
I’m dying and you’re all invited to my funeral 🥰 who’s coming 🥺
tried to block the baddest bitch but it said edit profile?
so who wants to race?😎
this is what happens when we get bored at 3 am 😎
first person who can guess what song came on gets 5 dollars 😎
i be like: 🧿👄🧿
you like my ass? gee thanks it facetune 😎
i was just trying to look thicc & all I hear is “are you larray?” I’m embarrassed HAHAHAHAHAH
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