Leonidas & Orion

✧ ft. lucy, the ferrets & @kota.wolf ✧ chicago, il ✦ ↓ PINS & STICKERS ↓

All hail His Grace, Leonidas of House Maine Coon, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm. 👑 - ...how Game of Thrones really ended. 😉 #gameofthrones - (I will be deleting comments with spoilers)
✨NEW PIN✨ if you haven’t seen in our stories, we’ve released a new enamel pin! it is designed by the amazing @catmintstudios 😍 featuring leo wearing a flower crown and bowtie 🌸 we also have a matching sticker which you can buy separately. as always, all orders come with an exclusive sticker designed by @foreversoftcore ♥️ shop link is in our bio! - if you have ordered already, thank you so much for your support! a batch of orders went out yesterday 🥰
a rare view of leo’s back! most people are surprised leo’s back is very dark. he is a classic brown tabby, so this is quite normal for that coloring ☺️ what color is your cat? -
happy #throwbackthursday to the cutest lil floofer 🥰 -
king leo reporting for duty 😎✨ - an old photo with a slightly new edit! one of my favorite crowns of all time 🥰 hope you’re all having a great week so far! - crown: @freyasfloralco use LEO for 10% off
on the hunt 🐆 - sorry for the inactivity recently! needed a break after that long drive 😅 also doing some cleaning and rearranging of the apartment, so haven’t had time to take new photos. we’ll be back to normal activity within a week ♥️
happy caturday friends! leo has gotten much braver during this trip 🥰 when we went outside to take this photo, he looked very relaxed and did not meow at all! so proud of him. plus, he even came out of his carrier to explore at the hotel! ♥️ our second leg of the trip is today, which is an 8 hour car ride. it’s going to be a long day 😅 -
taking off back to chicago ✈️ - we will be driving back this afternoon and staying the night in pittsburgh. tomorrow evening we will be back home! ♥️ it’s been such a fun (and fattening) trip, but it will be nice to see lucy and the ferrets again 🥰 stay tuned in our stories for the road trip! - harness: @helloshibe use LEO for $5 off
kiss my paw 👑 - toe floofs for everyone! ✨ i just love touching cat paws...they are the softest! 😭♥️
is this my good angle? 😎✨ p.s. check out that flawless eyeliner 👀 - crown: @freyasfloralco use LEO for 10% off
happy sunday! our kayak plans were spoiled by rain all weekend 😭 ...however, i did get to eat a lot of delicious homecooked food 😂 my mother is amazing at making 葱油饼 (scallion pancakes) and 生煎包 (pan fried pork buns)! she recently learned how to make 油条 (chinese crullers), which we’ll be eating today! 🤤 what is your favorite dish your family makes? -
happy friday! ♥️ this is our last weekend at my parents’ home. the plan is to go kayaking again this weekend with ori, one last time before we leave. hoping the skies will be blue! 🤞 - harness: @helloshibe use LEO for $5 off
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