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Lauren here hijacking today! It’s the queen’s birthday! 🎊🎁🎉 I’ll get sappy later but I’d love for you to help me out. Post in the comments your FAVORITE memory or shoot that you’ve had with Ling! 🥰 • okay now to sappy• If you’ve met her, you’ve experienced her kindness. It you’ve worked with her, you’ve been lucky enough to see just a fraction of the creative genius going on in that head of hers. If you’ve gotten to know her, she’s changed a bit of you for the better. Everything she touches truly turns to gold. My list goes on forever for the things she’s selflessly poured into me. There are countless things I love and admire about Ling, but above all else, her focus is what I strive emulate. Her focus in all things is a Christ-like mindset. From beginning to end. A job well done, each time. Being a faithful servant for the Lord. To wrap up, Happy Birthday Ling! xx Lauren
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas! I feel so privileged to join the club for the first time. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the most meaningful. Honestly, a woman who has gone through labor and delivery can do anything! Cheers to awesome moms! You are all stronger and more beautiful than you know!
Summer is almost here. Are you ready for it!? 🤗☀️🌴🌊
Hey friends, it’s Ling! I know I’ve been MIA, but giving birth kind of does that to people right? Anyways, I have some awesome news! About a month ago, Faith Harris, my beautiful baby girl came into the world. She’s been all too adorable everyday and keeping me busy from morning to night with feedings and diaper changes. Being a mother is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and it’s given me SO much appreciation for all the mamas out there. It’s also allowed me to gain new perspective on how loved our seniors are by their mamas. Believe me, when Faith goes off to college one day, I’m definitely going to be crying my eyes out. Thankfully I still have 18 more years to go. ☺️ Anyways, I just wanted to pop in for a quick update. I’ll be back from maternity leave and doing shoots again starting in late June. Senior class of 2020 that need photos at the beginning of the year, don’t forget to email us early for booking! Now is the time to get things scheduled so you can have the best dates. I’m only accepting a limited amount of bookings this year due to Faith being so little. Lauren, of course, will still be available and booking. She’s been killing it all Spring with her shoots! Pretty soon, everyone will be like “Ling who?” 😆 Anyways, I gotta cut this short. Baby needs me. Till next time - 💗, Ling
These Houston temps should stay around FOREVER!! 💛 #lwpsenior #lingwangphotography #lwpbylauren
Bailey was our first senior this year to kick off our busy senior season this year! She knocked it outside of the park ❤️☀️ #lwp #lwpsenior #lingwangphotography #lwpbylauren
Bringing flowers to a session is one of our favorite “accessories”! They make a natural statement...even in the middle of the city! #lwp #lwpsenior #lingwangphotography
Had a dreamy session last night! Can’t get enough of the warm light now that it’s spring! -Lauren ❤️✨ #lwpbylauren #lwp #lwpseniors #lingwangphotography
We love our LWP guys too 🖤 #blackandwhite #lwp #lwpsenior #lingwangphotography
So happy I was able to grab these final blooms with beautiful @lill_stork before they fell for the season! 🌸 -Lauren #lingwangphotography #lwp #lwpsenior
Beauty like fire 🔥 #lwp #lwpsenior #lingwangphotography
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