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Rent our collection of unique vintage inventory for your special event in Dayton/Cincinnati. Private consultations available by appointment only.

What do you get when you cross a gorgeous model with amazing friendors and beautiful styling? This epic collaborative photo shoot! Who else enjoys styled shoots? What part do you contribute? Drop your hashtag below (with your product type) and maybe we can work together to create some magic soon! Studio, Props and Design: @lostandfoundrentals Photographer: @echobydesign Florals: @floralvdesigns Hair and Makeup: @shaterrajenkinsmua Bridal Gown & Jewelry: @whitewisteriabridalboutique Stationery: @jchar_designs Cake: @rachelbakesandco Model: @odessajamesphoto
The new circle arbor will be added to the website this coming week along with a slew of other new inventory! It is paired here with the Veronica settee and florals from @floralvdesigns Photographer: @cassandrajaninaphoto Venue: @magnolia_estate Planner: @crystalcollection Florist: @floralvdesigns Vintage and Boutique Rentals: @lostandfoundrentals Event Rentals: @kosinstentsandevents Bridal Gowns & Jewelry: @bochicbridalboutique Suit: @generationtux Rings: @honeydesignsjewerly Stationery: @jenkcalligraphy Table Sign (printed in frame): @foxweddingdesigns Laser Cutting: @lightboxlaser Hair Stylist: @beautybyhaleygarber Makeup Artist: @ThatArabianGirl Cake/Desserts: @maribellecakery Styling Mats: @elysianmarket Shoes: @badgleymischkabride
We love helping couples design a beautiful lounge seating area for their wedding. This collection includes the Meredith sofa, the Franklin and Eleanor chairs, the Peter and Amy hexagon side tables, and the George rug. (Scroll to see up close) - Rent this whole collection together as The Manor Collection Styled Shoot Vendors: Hosts: @cassidyalanephotography @kourtneyfossaluzzaphotography @bethanylanephotography @cassandrajaninaphoto Venue: @magnolia_estate Planner: @thecrystalcollectionevents Florist: @floralvdesigns Vintage/Boutique Rentals: @lostandfoundrentals Rentals: @kosinstentsandevents Bridal Gowns, Jewelry & hair pieces: @bochicbridalboutique Suit: @generationtux Rings: @honeydesignsjewelry Stationery: @jenkcalligraphy Table Sign (printed in frame): @foxweddingdesigns Laser Cutting: @lightboxlaser Hair Stylist: @beautybyhaleygarber Makeup Artist: @ThatArabianGirl Cake/Desserts: @maribellecakery Styling Mats: @elysianmarket Shoes: @badgleymischkabride @bochicbridalboutique
I love adorable and non traditional elements at a wedding. The "Elayna" vanity is a sweet option for your cake or dessert display, seating chart, guest book or favors. You can even write a message to your guests on the mirror! Venue: @manorhouseeventcenter Planning: @kmcweddings Photography: @alisonmaephotography Cake: @maribellecakery Cookies: @thebatterlife Vintage Rentals including vanity and cake stands: @lostandfoundrentals
I wear many hats as the owner of this business. From creative director to accountant, media relations to showroom custodian, but my favorite job is inventory acquisitions. Sometimes I am on the hunt for something specific, which is the hardest to do. Other times, gorgeous pieces just present themselves almost as if they are begging to join the other pieces of the inventory. "Pick me, pick me!" they seem to say - I am thrilled to have these gorgeous silver grey green chairs join the crew to work for your event! These would be great at your lounge seating area or sweetheart table! Now for names..... Check out the other inventory at www.lostandfoundvintagerentals.com
Today, I went PHONE FREE for two hours by accident. Have you ever been in a hurry, helping kids get out the door on time, making sure you have your purse and keys, the door is locked, dogs fed and you get to your destination and realize you laid your phone down on the kitchen counter to tie your own shoes and left it there?! That happened to me today. At first, I felt panic. Oh no! What if someone needs me? What if I have an accident and need to call for help? What if I see some amazing thing at Homegoods that I need to send a photo of to my planner friend who has me on the hunt for something particular? What if a bride has a question about inventory or a photographer wants to book studio time? All these things ran through my head in a millisecond. I decided to forge on, dropping my son off at school without it, because he was going to be late if I went back. I contemplated going back in between the drop off and my errands, but I didn't. And you know what? I was ok. In fact, I was better than ok. I was able to listen to the radio for the first time in, I don't know how long, because I use drive time to return phone calls. I was able to find the earrings I was hunting down that otherwise I would have probably given up on due to the anxiety I had with 15 emails coming in within an hour and my phone is ringing off the hook. I remembered *almost* everything on my grocery list without my phone's notes app to remind me. I casually strolled through Homegoods and found a few amazing things I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise because I would have had my head in my phone replying to someone. I also walked past a display at Kohls that I otherwise wouldn't have seen, which introduced me to a line of products that I fell in love with and now I am wearing perfume for the first time in probably 25 years, and I love it! So two hours without my phone ended up being like a little time out break for myself. Once home, I had a slew of emails and invoices to send, but am feeling a little refreshed and happy and ready to tackle my to do list. Has this ever happened to you? If so, how did you handle it? Did you panic under the pressure and go back for it or did you forge on?
When deciding on inventory for your wedding, consider choosing items for a gorgeous lounge seating area or sweetheart table which can serve you for your portraits as well. The Eleanor sofa is a perfect pairing for a sweetheart table and is easy enough to move to a different location for images in your gown. Photography: @emmamcmahanphotography Venue: @benison_events Draping: @partypleasersservices Planning: @kmcweddings Furniture Rental: @lostandfoundrentals Florals: @kcflowerfarm
Congratulations go out to these beautiful brides who made it official this past weekend at their beautiful Steamplant wedding. They choose a wonderful lounge seating area that doubled as a great spot for their portraits and bouquet details, a rustic table, pink settee and goblets for their sweetheart seating as well as a vintage writing desk and gold stand for their cake display. Our geometric lanterns were scattered around the venue for soft lighting with a modern but romantic touch. It was my pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful celebration! Venue: @steamplantdayton Planner: @kmcweddings Vintage Rentals: @lostandfoundrentals Florals: @alittlebitofgreenbylisa Linens: @primetimepartyrental Cake: @rachelbakesandco Hair and Makeup: @flawlesshairandmakeup Bridal Gown: @louisechristinebridalboutique
FREE DELIVERY! [This is not an April Fool's joke] For a limited time only, Lost and Found Vintage Rentals is offering free delivery to all the local Downtown Dayton venues for orders over $200. Be sure to tag your friends who are getting married in Dayton! And let me know your venue in the comments to be added to the list. @steamplantdayton @thegrandehall @daytonmasoniccenter @daytonartinstitute @americaspackardmuseum @marriottdayton @thebrightsidedayton @topofthemarket
We love a traditional event with a big, beautiful cake! We have been seeing loads of non traditional dessert options recently like donuts, smores, cupcakes, candy bars, cookie stations and even dessert waffle trucks, and I love them all, but the cake is always my favorite? What is your favorite wedding dessert? Venue: @benison_events Planning: @kmcweddings Photographer: @emmamcmahanphotography Vintage Rentals: @lostandfoundrentals Cake: @rachelbakesandco Florals: @kcflowerfarm Lighting and Draping: @partypleasers Event Rentals: @kosinstentsandevents Stationery and hand lettering: @eden.and.vine
I have been feeling under the weather for a few days and seeing this colorful image pop up in my feed made me feel so much better! I was one of many wonderful vendors for this beautiful styled shoot recently which just was featured on the @everylastdetailblog today! Featured here is our "Adele" sofa and mantle. The next photo shows our new custom built arbor now available for rent! _________ Thanks to our incredible team! Planner: @kmcweddings Photography: @graciouscompany Vintage Furniture & Arbor: @lostandfoundrentals Florals: @floralvdesigns Gown: @luxereduxbridal Tux: @generationtux Cake: @sweetwhitscakes Jewelry: @honeydesignsjewelry Stationery: @jenkcalligraphy Venue: @heithausstudiosevent Makeup: @thatarabiangirl Hair: @hair_by_jennys Rentals: @primetimepartyrental Model: @cassidyalanephotography
Happy St Patrick's Day! Introducing the "Kelly" sofa and matching "Jane" chair. Pair either of these items with any of our other colorful soft seating for a unique, eye popping lounge area! What color would you mix with this green?
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