Mahnoor Arshad

📍Vancouver/Toronto University of British Columbia

Sup Miami?🌴
All things magical💃🏻❤️ #DisneyMagicKingdom
‘I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing- that it was all started by a mouse’ —Walt Disney💙— #MagicKingdom
Back to your regularly scheduled summer content. #Orlando 🇺🇸
So good to sea you, Florida! 🇺🇸
Bet tyga doesn’t skip jail to come to your school for #LDOC 🥂
2 days to ACF, 3 weeks till I’m done with the hardest and most daunting academic year, Summmahh 2019 SOO STOKED!! 🌞🥂🙌🏻
Sunshine, portrait mode & cinnamon pancakes >>>>> studying for 6 finals anyday 🌝🌞
I heard summers approaching 🌞🌞
Don’t worry, you won’t have to endure more from the #formalszn 🍾 on my insta! . . . 🥂To a night full of happiness, with my happiest people 💘 #AlphaPhi
Whatchu lookin’ at 👀
Hasta la proxima vez 🇲🇽 💘
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