Manushi Chhillar

Dreamer 🦋 Future Doctor 🥼 Miss World 👑 Philanthropist 🙏🏻 Milestones to be achieved...

Monday mood!! Ready. Set. Go.
Celebrated this special day with my mains!! Couldn’t ask for more ❤
Instant mood lifter since 1997 ❤️ I love you maa! You make me smile no matter what. #happymothersday @neelam_chhillar4153
“First rule of stripe club, you do not talk about stripe club!” 🦓 @rahuljhangiani @mehakoberoi @sheefajgilani @mandarinstudios
“Have the landscapes of life changed, or am I seeing things differently?” @rahuljhangiani @mehakoberoi @sheefajgilani @mandarinstudios
#WorldLaughterDay “When I want to be fierce, I ROAR with laughter” #laughteristhebestmedicine
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” Even when your journey is all about the “miles”
“Namaskaram Kozhikode”
There were a million doubts in my head when I started. But they were all about “how do I do it?” and never “can I do it?” Today when I look back, I’m glad I wasn’t aware because my mind never allowed me to think how tough it would be. @rahuljhangiani @mehakoberoi @sheefajgilani @mandarinstudios
“Let the fire inside burn brighter than the fire outside” @rahuljhangiani @mehakoberoi @sheefajgilani @mandarinstudios
“If your mind can conceive it, you definitely can achieve it” 📷 @rahuljhangiani 💄 @mehakoberoi 👗 @sheefajgilani x 🏠 @mandarinstudios
“Not afraid to be different” @rahuljhangiani @mehakoberoi @sheefajgilani @mandarinstudios
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