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We’re happy to confirm that we’re coming to Positive Energy Day 2019 in Athens! See you there September 6th🤗⭐️ #amitamotion #playmotion #kathemeraMΟΥΣΙΚΗ
Touch down in Germany🇩🇪🇩🇪
Having a dinner with the best💃🏽❤️ What do you like to eat??
How are you enjoying the last bit of summer? We’ve got some work and traveling to do this week, will tell you all about it when we can😎
Pizza time🤩🤩 What are you gonna eat today?✊🏼❤️
New YouTube video from Malmö is out now!! Link in bio👌🏼 That means all the vlogs from all the shows are out on our YouTube channel, has anyone seen themselves? THANK YOU ALL for being a part of this amazing summer, we had such a good time in all the countries and we love you all so much❤️❤️❤️ #mmfamily
How would you describe this picture in emojis?🤔🤔
What are you gonna do this week ?🥳 Let’s talk together in the comments !
Do you want me and Marcus to cover a song together next time?
Some really good moments and memories right here💓💓 (📸 @agrisoltan )
Manchester United vs Chelsea next !! Who do you think is gonna win??
A little morning song for you guys🤪 Love this song<3
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