Mark Ruffalo

A husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change and renewable energy advocate with an eye out for love and hope. Please, enjoy my photos.

100% of the proceeds from these limited edition @marvelstudios #AvengersEndgame shirts go toward our comittment commitment to racial, gender and climate justice, and our everyday heroes, the frontline leaders making clean energy for all at @100isnow. You can’t get these anywhere else. Get yours now at the link in my bio ⬆️ Join @doncheadle and me in the #FightOfOurLives
Much love to @project_562 and the group of talented Indigenous and POC students who worked on this wonderful mural at @LawrenceUni in my home state of Wisconsin.
Love these kinds of weekend projects to clean up our neighborhoods all over the globe! How are you taking care of Mother Earth this weekend? [from r/DeTrashed on Reddit] #TrashTag
Saving the planet is going to take extraordinary measures by all of us. @doncheadle and I want to win back the respect of Mother Earth, but we must all be in this fight together. What are some ways you are helping the environment in your daily life? #ONE100 @100isNow #AvengersEndgame
What greater thing is there than a healthy, livable planet? Without that, we have nothing. Are you ready to join the fight with me, @doncheadle , and @100isnow ? #ONE100 #AvengersEndgame
#FBF to our long days on the #AvengersEndgame set 👾 Only 2️⃣ more weeks to go!
#NationalPetDay is every day in our household🐱
#Avengers Assemble. Thanks for the great chat Anthony Breznican & @entertainmentweekly ! Read the article with the link in my bio. #AvengersEndgame
Struggling to see the difference between these two #AvengersEndgame trailers 🤔 Brilliant work, @jazephua !
#AvengersEndgame press day 2️⃣! Love being with these incredible people 💚
Will you join me at the Avengers: Endgame premiere? It’s your LAST CHANCE to see me definitely not cry on the red carpet! Support the Stella Adler Academy and ENTER NOW with my bio link or go to #onlyatomaze @omazeworld
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