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Still blossoming 🌼 ▪︎ clients incl. adidas, nike, adobe, instagram etc. ▪︎ syd/nyc/everywhere ▪︎

Decorated these gifted sneakers last year- manifesting for the day I have a real sneaker collab right?! 🎨
DREAM ELEVATOR 🌟 I made a repeat wallpaper for the elevator walls at Song Hotel, Sydney. The fourth floor of this hotel is a dedication to powerful Australian women, filled with art created by Aussie women, and where you'll find my wall 🥰 @ywcaaustralia
Which one of these did you need to hear today? I wrote/created these artworks as a result of many months of solo travel and reflection. They've been making the rounds on the internet again, so if you see my work please kindly remind people to credit and tag me 😁 🌟 Reposting guidelines etc.: This image is available for licensing, if you're a business and would like to repost it or use it for anything, please get in touch $💌$ . Personal accounts are welcome to share my work, it is a great way to support me! However please always 1) Tag me in the image 2) Credit me at the start of the image caption not the end, and 3) Do not alter or edit the image in any way
NIKE COURT X MARTINA MARTIAN stickers 🤯❤ I got to create a series of GIFs and wallpapers for Nike inspired by their Dream Crazier campaign, which is all about pushing past perceived barriers and achieving your goals (definitely what I've been trying to do). Gif search 'NikeCourtxMM' to use them 🌟 Tag @nikecourt if you do! #sp #dreamcrazier
How many of these have you visited? I'm back in the states again (SF + NYC) next week for a fun project! One day soon I'll be able to stop visiting and actually stay for good- please send me good vibes for my visa process because it's a headache 😅😅😅
My mantra for growth coming into this second half of the year 💖 you can't expect to grow without the discomfort of change
One of my most important artworks/quotes, blown up BIG at Adobe Symposium (the bigger the better honestly!). There is room for all of us- if not, let's MAKE room. Swipe for the original artwork, feel free to share with credit for non commercial purposes 💖 #adobesymp #adobepartner
Pretty wild that my first time attending any kind of design conference in my country was as a keynote speaker. I haven't had a conventional career: I went from being a student in Sydney working in retail only two years ago to creating my own job as a creative who travels most of the year, collaborates with billion dollar companies and is still constantly evolving. You can define your own creative career. You can do it your own way. You don't have to participate in the industry standards which allow the same old people and ideas to thrive. You don't have to intern at the right companies, entertain the egos of the right people or be seen at the right events. Don't let other people tell you what your path is meant to look like. Thrive and blossom in your own way ❤ Thank you for being here for any/every part of my own weird journey
Never settling for mediocre, never settling for less than my biggest dreams 💖 I'll always be restless, but it doesn't mean I'm not completely and utterly grateful for every step of the way.
From making large scale installations to creating AR filters- this year has been all about bringing my illustrations to LIFE 🥰 I'd love to know of any festivals, immersive exhibitions etc. you'd like to see me create installations/AR/interactive stuff for- who knows what the rest of the year will bring 💖💖
1) Follow an artist/creator to unlock their filters (eg. @martinamartian ) 2) Open Instagram story camera 3) Tap the face filter icon on the bottom right 4) Scroll until you find the filter you want to use 5) 😁🤳📱💖 Alternatively, if you see someone using a specific filter you like on their story, just tap the title of the filter (at the top) to try it. Also soz this video had to be at least 1min long so there is a lot of filler video at the end 😂😂 #vrartist #arartist #arfilterartist #ARart
From a few months back- I drew this while thinking about how life is just a series of seasons, and while the sun may have set on this particular season of my life, I'm excited to see how different and beautiful the next one will be.
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