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📖 Three million books sold worldwide. 🎭 Reasons to Stay Alive: the play coming soon. 🎥 A Boy Called Christmas coming to cinemas and Netflix.

Social climber Betsy has her passport and is ready to leave Brexit Britain and become a pretentious Côte d’Azur dog.
Massively pleased to announce that kind human and living legend and Truth Pixie fan Olivia Colman will be reading the audiobook of The Truth Pixie Goes to School. And all the proceeds will be going to UNICEF. The book version of The Truth Pixie Goes to School is out Aug 1st and is available to pre-order.
My beard fell off. I have called 0800 emergency beard services and they assure me a new one is on its way. Send thoughts and prayers.
Hi. The Truth Pixie Goes to School is out in just over a week. If you fancy pre-ordering it that would be amazing as apparently - the publisher tells me - pre-orders help determine chart positions and support and all that jazz so if you’re going to be buying it, it would be wonderful if you could get in there early. And if not, then ignore this message completely!
Daughter rocking the bass. (Pearl jams.)
Hello! This is my face! It is as you can see quite a tired and increasingly OLD face. This is why I am not doing so many events in the next half of the year. Because I am lazy and like MY OWN SOFA. But the events I am doing are good ones. They are: Edinburgh Book Fest - Thu 22nd Aug Edinburgh Book Fest - Fri 23rd Aug (talking kids books) And (ridiculously)... London - National Theatre - Sat 7th September PLEASE COME PLEASE I’LL GIVE YOU A CRISP
I owe this man so much. Not only was Simon Mayo’s Radio One breakfast show the soundtrack to my younger years, but Simon was also the first broadcaster I ever spoke to about my mental health. Back in early 2015, on the exact same day Reasons to Stay Alive came out in hardback, I went in and nervously chatted about my breakdown to him and millions of radio 2 listeners. I actually broke down a little in that interview as I relived it all. Anyway I went to bed and woke up to discover that Reasons had jumped from 11,000-and-something to number one on Amazon. And my career properly took off on the back of that one chat. So an absolute honour to join him today on his Books of the Year podcast talking kids and mental health and the Truth Pixie Goes to School. Genuinely lovely man. Thanks Simon.
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