Melissa Lehman

All cell phone photos all the time, currently iPhoneX. Wife, mother, maker of stuff. Rocket City, USA, and elsewhere.

Wildlife on Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL, this evening. Photos by John Lehman.
Even fisher folk like to look their best. #greatblueheron
No. 2 Son’s No. 2 kitty posing for the camera, showing his best side and his speckled belly, and snuggling with his big bro.
This goofy poof. Some old photos of No. 2 Son’s No. 1 kitty back at their previous location. He seemed quite proud of himself for getting the aluminum foil out of the cabinet.
Traded in the little blue Jellybean for a bigger red Chili Bean. Miss the Jellybean, but really liking the Chili Bean.
From a hike through Dismals Canyon a few years ago. Time for a trip back.
They found their way to Cape Perpetua, July 2016.
At Crater Lake with Hansel and Gretel, July 2016.
Hansel and Gretel find a really big tree. July 2016.
Hansel and Gretel wandering in the forest. July 2016.
Mount St. Helens 2016. After the visitor center closed. So quiet. Just the wind and the birds and us. Grateful to the guy coming back from a hike who made this photo for us.
Like spun gold. Muga, a wild silk.
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