Weee Dragg Hoes 🧾🥳

2 owners 🤩 We talk heavy asf😉 If you ugly u getting dragged period☄️🌝

Cramps playing with me like I won’t pop 20 pills and end us both on the spot with no hesitation
Because this homework is taking out all of my brain sells-😘
Heyyy whooresss
Merry chrimah babies😘
So niggas at my school any just be grabbing a mofo any kinda way cause my inner me will not have no self control so u better find sum 🤦🏾‍♀️😭
The way my funds looking Christmas is canceled ~💋
It’s that time of year~💋
Really miss my boo right now~☹️💙
I might just be in love~💋
Because like... and just...
Yea dats on mee baby
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