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Looking forward to outdoor weddings 😍 I love them so much!! Actually, after a long cold season I’m looking forward to pretty much anything outdoors 😂💁🏻‍♀️ . . . . . . . .
Today we celebrate hope. Even though there is sadness and death in this broken world, because of Jesus’ victory over death and sin we can have hope. One day things will be made perfect. No more death, no more tears, no more brokenness. This is a gift for us to receive. Oh, what a gift! ❤️ . He is risen!! 🙌🏻
Happy Easter friends!! ❤️
It made sense to share one of our pictures in Notre Dame today 😢 . . As someone who loves to travel, I’m always thinking of the next things I’d like to see in the world. Landscapes, monuments, architecture, art, etc. All of that is part of what enriches a culture, and therefore the world. When I get to see these things in person I can’t help it but feel grateful and appreciative. I like to imagine what it was like for people at that time when it was first built/crafted/discovered. My husband likes to touch the walls of old buildings and says: there’s so much history here. . So sad for the devastating fire in Notre-Dame cathedral 💔 Thank God there was no human loss 🙏🏼
Saturdays are for coffee, friends and long conversations 💕 . What are your plans for this weekend? .
Find your tribe. The kind of people that you can trust, that will support you even when it gets tough, that encourages you when you’re losing hope, that celebrates your victories even if they’re not their own. Surround yourself with givers, with genuine people that want you to succeed. Because see, friend, you want to be with people that are shooting to the starts like you are. When a group of people has that kind of admiration, respect and grace for each other, magical things happen 💫 . Have you found your tribe?
I love photographing the little, often unseen, yet beautiful details ❤️ It’s like life ya’ll. Sometimes the small things are the most beautiful ✨
Can we agree that this family is just the cutest?!! 😍😍 Just look how much mom and dad love cuddling their little girl ❤️ All the while Hugo (the dog) properly poses for the picture 😂😍 . I hope you’re cuddling your loved ones this weekend 😊💕
A laughter (or groan 😂) of disbelief is what Torontonians experienced last weekend when we saw a white layer of snow on the ground when we woke up. We had already been thinking of beach trips, patio meals and just plain old short sleeves, but oh surprise! 😱😂 Well, at the end it looks like it was just a goodbye snowfall and winter playing with our feelings. Can we go back to planning our perfect summer?? . . . . . . . . . . .
Dreaming of summer days, bright skies, and of course, adorable couples ❤️ Just look at these two! 😍 . Today’s weather was sooo nice. Beau and I went for a long walk along Port Credit, I took a lot of cell phone pictures and talked about our plans for the summer. Being a quality time kind of girl, these kinds of dates are my favs! ❤️ . . Are your excited about summer? What are you most excited about? . . . . . . . . .
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