We're Mind, the mental health charity. We're here to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

From sparkly cakes and garden parties, to rock painting and pin wheels ➡️ we've seen it all this summer #Crafternoon . Thank you so much to all of you who got crafty for better mental health. Here are just a few of our favourite pics you showed us 💙 Find out more at mind.org.uk/crafternoon . . . . . #MentalHealth #PaperCraft #fundraising #crafting #art
"I have struggled with mental health for most of my life. I was on the national eating disorder network for a period of time. I have also had CBT and exposure therapy for social anxiety when I was 12. When I was 13, my psychiatrist suggested I may have bipolar disorder. When I was 14, I went through repeated trauma over two months. Soon after, I was sent inpatient around 100 miles away from home. This was awfully traumatic for me and my family, as I was so young in age and we were all so unaware about mental illness. While I was an inpatient, I discovered painting in an art class held on the ward. Then, that was it, everything changed." - Abbie Find out the full story of why Abbie is hosting a #Crafternoon at mind.org.uk/YourStories #MentalHealth #creativetherapy #art #crafts #crafting
“I have always painted, drawn, made things and this is my happy place – anywhere I can lose myself in creation. I have often described my crafting time as ‘having an affair with myself’ because I would feel guilty for giving the time to myself when I could be doing something for someone else BUT I now understand the importance of giving myself that time without feeling bad. We need to break the stigma attached to mental health issues and that’s why I’m supporting Mind with my #Crafternoon .” – Karen Karen shares how her work as a Police Officer impacted her mental health. You can read her full blog at mind.org.uk/Crafternoon #Crafternoon #MentalHealth #blog #crafting
“A few months ago I wouldn’t have imagined being in this place right now where I’m considering organising something like this. Going from not leaving my bedroom for days, scared of walking to the shop or putting out the bins to organising a Crafternoon and even writing a blog about my experience is amazing. It has been a tough journey, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the resources available here and the incredible support from my loved ones.” – Gabby Gabby heard about #Crafternoon through @zoella , and knew it was the perfect fundraiser for her. You can read her full blog at mind.org.uk/YourStories
Your #Crafternoon can help us make sure nobody has to face a mental health problem alone. Here are just a few examples of what the valuable funds you’re raising could go towards. Find out more at mind.org.uk/crafternoon
Hosting a #Crafternoon can be great fun, but we know it can sometimes feel a bit stressful too. We’ve gathered some top tips to make sure your fundraiser goes without a hitch. . . . . . #crafting #hosting #tips #wellbeing #MentalHealth
It’s time to clear the kitchen table or find a spot of grass for a picnic blanket - it’s finally #Crafternoon day! Best of luck to everyone getting crafty for better mental health today. P.S don’t worry if you can’t join us today - feel free to choose another date that suits you this summer. . . . . . #crafting #PaperCraft #summeractivities #MentalHealth
Tomorrow’s the big day! Who's ready to get crafty with us as part of the nation's craftiest mental health fundraiser? Remember to send us photos of craft wins, craft fails, and tasty treats! . . . . . . . #Crafternoon #crafting #baking #fundraising #MentalHealth
From an amazing 321 entries, our short story competition has its five finalists.📚🏅 We've been overwhelmed by the talent of our members, and we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who got involved. Read the final five stories at mind.org.uk/story-finalists
Thank you to all of the brilliant people taking #MindHike overseas in stunning Transylvania over the coming days. Our team of trekkers have just finished day one of walking, raising vital funds in aid of better mental health. You’re all amazing!
Whether it's kick-starting the holidays with the kids, or embracing the long evenings with a get together in the garden, Crafternoon will get you summer ready. Get your kit today and be part of the nation’s craftiest mental health fundraiser > mind.org.uk/crafternoon #Crafternoon #PaperCraft #MentalHealth #Crafting
It’s almost time for summer #Crafternoon ! We’ve put together a sneaky how-to so you can impress your guests with your crafty skills. Find out how you can get crafty for better mental at mind.org.uk/crafternoon #crafting #garland #papercraft #fundraising #mentalhealth #howto #tutorial
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