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What have you been up to this week? Hopefully spending it with awesome people like we have! 👈 SWIPE LEFT for some of the best pics from Mindvalley University Week 3 📸 ⠀ So many magical moments, it was hard to just pick 10! ⠀ Let’s spread some positivity ❤...what’s the best thing that happened to you this week? We want to know! Share it with us in the comments below👇 ⠀ #mindvalley #mindvalleyuniversity #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
Did you know there are 6 different human hungers? Watch this short clip to find out the top 3 including the only one you need to worry about. ⠀ You can discover the other 3 in this week's free Masterclass with @ericedmeades. ⠀ Eric is the celebrated creator of WildFit - an award-winning system to reprogram your psychology regarding food, get you the nutrition your body really needs, and change your eating habits forever 🍒🍒🍒 ⠀ If you want to know the REAL reason behind your constant struggle with diets, join his FREE Masterclass link in bio👆 ⠀ #mindvalley #wildfit #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
We all feel overwhelmed from time to time. But guess what? That’s a good thing. ⠀ Overwhelm is a sign that you’re pushing your boundaries, testing your limits and growing. ⠀ You’ll never evolve by contracting and withdrawing into yourself, you only become something new by doing something new. ⠀ And yeah, it’s a little scary, yeah, it can be a little stressful 🤯 ⠀ But remember this - That feeling is just your body’s way of telling you - ‘Hey - I’m just reorganising a little here, so that you’ll be stronger next time. ⠀ Thanks to @skipkellyfilms for another amazing video from Mindvalley University, Pula, Croatia. ⠀ When was a time you felt overwhelmed? In hindsight, was it a good experience?👇 ⠀ #mindvalley #mindvalleyuniversity #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
You don’t have to exercise to be healthy. ⠀ That’s the message of WildFit creator, @ericedmeades , who has transformed the eating habits and bodies of thousands of forever grateful students, by exposing the food industry’s lies and building a systematically proven plan to free yourself from unhealthy food🙅‍♂️🍔 ⠀ Your body’s a machine (and a brilliant one at that), but you can have the best machine in the world, and if you use the wrong fuel it WILL breakdown 💔 ⠀ Learn what you can do to fuel your body properly, why you don’t need to exercise and why diets don’t work in Eric’s amazing FREE Mindvalley Masterclass 👉 link in bio ⠀ #mindvalley #wildfit #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
These three incredible young people just got the biggest standing ovation at Mindvalley University, Pula 👏👏👏 ⠀ Two selfless Californian girls, and one Syrian refugee, brought together at Mindvalley University, fighting for the same cause. ⠀ The embodiment of Unity 🙌 ⠀ Meet Cassidy (18), Kaitlin, (20) and Abdulazez (20), future leaders in the making. ⠀ These two girls from California decided to give up their dreams of a college degree, and instead they, with the blessing of their parents, spent the last three years living next to a Syrian refugee camp in Athens and setting up a school for refugees. ⠀ The men next to them, Abdulazez, is a hero in his own right 💪 ⠀ He fled the bombing of homes along with millions of other Syrian refugees, found his way to Europe and there made an incredible life for himself. ⠀ Watch the video to hear their inspirational stories. ⠀ Take a minute out of your day to follow them @abdulazez_dukhan @cassidycapri @travelinkait ⠀ What actions can people take to bring more unity in the world?👇 ⠀ #withrefugees #savehumanity #mindvalley #mindvalleyuniversity #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
‘Big Food’ is a business. A BIG business. And it’s based on lies 😡 ⠀ Watch this short video to find out the 5 biggest food lies we’re being brainwashed with on a daily basis. ⠀ If you want to know more, watch this free Masterclass (👆link in bio👆) from Eric Edmeades, the creator of WildFit (an incredible program developed to alter your food habits and transform your body) where you’ll learn the truth behind these lies including: ⠀ 🍒What Your Body REALLY Needs ⠀ 🍒Why Diets Don’t Work ⠀ 🍒Why Exercise Isn’t The Key To Health… ⠀ ...and why WildFit works so well to completely transform your body and your relationship with food. ⠀ #mindvalley #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
Here at Mindvalley, we have a vision of changing the lives of one BILLION people by 2050. ⠀ It goes without saying, that’s a huge goal 💪 ⠀ Which is why we need to reach out to people who are in a position to influence millions. ⠀ This includes corporate heads, CEOs, founders, even governments and government agencies. ⠀ The choices and decisions of governments can truly influence millions of lives.✨ ⠀ Which is why Mindvalley is now delivering training programs for people who work within governments - to help them do their best work, live their best lives and therefore positively influence the lives of their countrymen and women. ⠀ We’re super proud to have made the first step in this direction - by training 500 members of the Malaysian Government's 🇲🇾 MDEC division last month. ⠀ Here’s what @Surina.Kay.elle , MDEC’s brilliant leader had to say about it: ⠀ “Self-transformation lessons and #beliefsystems that took me 4 years to discover on my own, [Vishen] taught to my team in 5 hours. All 500 of us at @mymdec are grateful and will continue to elevate our role as #VisionaryLeaders .” ⠀ But this is just the beginning. ⠀ There are countless other divisions and departments across the globe, waiting to follow MDEC’s lead, and bring about powerful personal transformation to their employees. ⠀ When you encourage personal transformation in your workplace, your company wins.💯 ⠀ When you encourage personal transformation in governments, everyone wins. ⠀ If you work in government and you'd like Mindvalley to come in and elevate the performance of your department or division, we're here for you. ⠀ Check out Mindvalley Mentoring For Business using the link in our bio👆 ⠀ What do you think? ⠀ Can Personal Growth transform governance?👇 ⠀ #mindvalley #vishenlakhiani #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
What motivates your personal growth? ⠀ Some of us do yoga for that cute butt.🧘‍♂️ ⠀ We learn public speaking to share our ideas. 💬 ⠀ We pick up leadership skills to influence other people. 🤝 ⠀ In other words, we learn these skills because it’s good for our self-esteem. ⠀ But there’s a whole other level above that… ✨ ⠀ Self-actualization. ⠀ Self-actualization is when you want to grow simply for the sake of growth itself. ⠀ Whether your business hits a billion dollars, or whether it fails – it doesn’t matter. ⠀ What matters is, did you grow? ⠀ When you make your life about your self-evolution, all other experiences – whether a failure or success – simply becomes the next stage in your personal growth. ⠀ Everything that you previously did for self-esteem won’t matter anymore. 🚀 ⠀ Your motivation has transformed from external to internal - you’re growing because this is you, and this is who you’re destined to become. ⠀ What’s something you feel like you’re destined to do?👇 Tell us in the comments below! ⠀ #mindvalley #vishenlakhiani #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
Tag four people in your life who you consider your closest tribe👇 ⠀ This is Skip’s (@skipkellyfilms ) story. Of how he found his people at Mindvalley University, and keeps coming back to where he feels he belongs. It’s one we can all relate to. ⠀ You don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. But just believe. ⠀ Believe that your tribe is out there, and don’t stop searching ‘til you find them. ⠀ And when you do, don’t forget to let them know and show them ❤️❤️❤️ ⠀ #mindvalley #mindvalleyuniversity #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
SWIPE LEFT👈 for what’s going on at Mindvalley University in Pula, Croatia! ⠀ Education isn’t just books and knowledge - it’s more than that. ⠀ It should also be about community and personal growth. ⠀ And most importantly, it should be fun! ⠀ That’s what we do at #MindvalleyUniversity . We travel to a different country every year, hosting a month-long holistic transformational session. 💪 ⠀ The idea is that you – and a thousand other people like you – are making a personal journey. ⠀ One that makes you grow, expand your horizons, and make genuine connections with brilliant minds from around the world, all to be the best versions of yourselves. 💯 ⠀ That’s what Mindvalley is all about. ⠀ In case you missed this, don’t worry – Mindvalley University happens every year, as well as A-Fest, a celebration with the most awesome group of people on the planet. 🥳 ⠀ So stay tuned for our live watch parties on Mindvalley Facebook and keep an eye out on our stories to see who’s speaking each day. Follow us at 👇https://www.facebook.com/mindvalley/ ⠀ #mindvalley #mindvalleyuniversity #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
All of us have time to sit down and listen to a single person sitting in front of us. ⠀ And it's not until we start looking at each other as teachers, that the world will truly begin to change.✨ ⠀ #lifelonglearning #empathy #personalgrowth #vishenlakhiani #education #information #world #awareness #hope #mindvalley #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement
What makes Mindvalley unique as an education company is that we don’t just do apps and digital learning. Over the years we’ve seen that the best transformation happens through identity shifts and human connection. ⠀ So when it comes to Mindvalley Live events, we go BIG or go home 🥳 ⠀ So yeah, if that means renting castles, caves, or even a 2,000 year-old Roman amphitheatre to put on amazing private parties for you guys, then that’s what we’re gonna do! 🏛🏰 ⠀ (Thanks to @skipkellyfilms for the amazing video) ⠀ But, sadly, if you wanna join the party, and experience an incredible month of growth by creating real-world connections, you’ve got to join us in person 🤝 ⠀ Good news though. You can still get the benefits of talks by our amazing teachers by keeping an eye on our stories, and facebook live watch parties. ⠀ And we’re planning on rolling out loads more Mindvalley Live events, because meeting in the real world matters. ⠀ Comment with the first thing that comes to mind. Best event you’ve ever been to? Go👇 ⠀ #mindvalley #mindvalleyuniversity #educationevolved #transformation #mindvalleyexperience #mindvalleymovement #personalgrowth #lifelonglearning
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