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#RecoverySeason -Lisfranc fracture JTG 💔#BantamweightBaby 💔 🔥For scrapping is my special gift, my chiefest sole delight🔥 ⬇️WIMP2WARRIOR SEASON 3⬇️

❤️🧢 #TriumphUnited
#SweetGirlSaturday She hates when I say goodbye to her 💔
When your primary mode of transport is a lifted truck, and you don’t wanna split your shin open on the side step, what do you do? #RecoverySeason #BantamweightBaby #TriumphUnited #HVIIIBrandGoods #TheHundreds
Intense convos with the fam 🐶 #RVCASport
Keeping my quads going until the cast comes off and I can put weight on and start lifting shit again! #CSA #RecoverySeason
Happy 9 months soberversary friend. Thanks for coming on this journey with me and being a true braj #chupacabraj 📸 @fiona_gumboots #AGIG
Pistol squat Sundays? By the time this cast comes off, I’m gonna have the strongest left leg (and skinniest right leg) #RideOrDie #BrooklynProjects #HVIIIBrandGoods
Every Saturday, this crew comes down to help @j.c_mma and @f.c_mma prepare for USMTO at the end of the month. I’m eternally grateful that these athletes entrust me with coaching and guiding them through sport and competition. Thank you @xcmma for letting our rag tag crew use the mat space while @tribevegas is being renovated ❤️
Gonna have to come up with another name for Saturday’s since #SprintSaturday is on hiatus for a while... suggestions? #BrooklynProjects #RecoverySeason
There’s been a lot of bad recently, but even more good. A bad injury and another missed fight, yet I didn’t need surgery and I still get to do some sort of training, plus teach my @tribevegas crew. @wimp2warrior.lasvegas starts soon and for a while I’m able to put a lot more energy into my students. So whilst the situation sucks, there’s still so much good ❤️ Grateful for every day
Good news! Doc decided against surgery yesterday and said that my recovery will be quicker without it. So now I get to wear this awesome cast that my toes hang out of and use these sweet crutches for another 6 weeks then 3 more months of PT 🤞🏻 ! #RecoverySeason #BantamweightBaby
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