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Have you ever asked yourself rhe question: " Why me?" Or "Why this"? 😞😟 We all have... and it happens when we forget a truth about life.. . See, in our limited, earthy, human form, we have been taught by society, that there "should be" a way that life has to be lived. People have to live it and all should be more or less a comfortable(😒) "One size fit all"... . But if we remember, (and life reminds us plenty of times😜) That this life is a journey CUSTOM MADE for every specific soul, that not two people even from the same family, have same journeys, and that when "things" happen...they are not happening TO US BUT FOR US!!!! . I know...sometimes it hurts, others it tries to break us but we must try and connect to the amazing kabbalistic concept of DIVINE PROVIDENCE!💥💥💥✨✨✨✨ . If we remember we are a soul/ divinity having a human experience, and not the opposite, we have to then live from a divine perspective...and KNOW!!!! that there is a divine force guiding E V E R Y.✨S I N G L E ✨ S T E P!!! And E V E R Y ✨S I N G L E ✨O N E! . And everything that is happening, is for the refinement of us as individuals and the colective...AND IT IS FOR THE G O O D!!!!!! I ask...all the bad is for the good????😰😰😰😰😠😠😠😠 How can it be????? . If we start living from this value...that "bad" will eventually dissapear...because when we try to live a human ego centered life, and forget there is a higher force, that is when we get confusssed and make wrong choices, which lead to...dissasters!!!!😰😭😪😥 . So...i invite you to reflect on this...👀👀👀👀 And next time instead of asking WHY ME? OR WHY THIS? Ask instead FOR WHAT DO I NEED THIS? OR WHAT DO I NEED TO LEARN? . Have a wonderful weekeend/ Shabbat!!!! . #coachingespiritual #kabbalahcoach #kabbalahlife #venezolanosenisrael #reflexiones #inspiracion #terapiaemocional #cbt #hashgachapratit #divineprovidence
Feliz 15 de Av. . Día que se celebra el amor! Día donde existe la energía potencial para renovar el amor, encontrarlo y expresarlo!!! . Luna llena que trae todo el esplendor!🌚🌝
Praying is supposed to change us, not G-D . When we pray, we open ourselves through humility and kindness. . After we pray and visualize, we must wait... Sometimes the answer is yes! When we see revealed good almost instantly Sometimes no! And the person, job, love, money we want just doesn't show up or leaves And the hardest is...not yet. When we have to practice patience, resilience, acceptance, and again...humility. . We are never in charge of the outcome But whatever the process, we must know, it is, eventually, for our higher good... Even if we can't see it. . And that takes ultimately, T R U S T!!!!! . So blessing you all should have revealed good and practice the wait with kindness and grace. . Happy weekend and Shabat Shalom🌺🌺🌺🌸🌸🌸 . #spiritualcoaching #spiritsoflife #coaching #trust #wait #pray
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💜📒💐👑😎 Puede ser para mujeres, jovenes o parejas. Español- English- Hebrew
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-Sé lo que es sentirse cansado … y no sólo en el sentido físico . El mundo en que vivimos es un lugar agotador. Es extraño. Es a veces ingrato Es intentar sin fin y apenas gratificante. Estás cansado simplemente porque vives en él. Estás cansado de amar demasiado, de cuidar demasiado, de dar demasiado a un mundo que no parece devolver nada. Estás cansado de invertir en resultados indefinidos. Estás cansado de las incertidumbres. Cansados de seguir esta batalla. . Y no creemos que podemos seguir, y una vez más, bordar sueños.. . Pero en realidad, todos somos más resistentes de lo que pensamos, y eso es una verdad indiscutible. Siempre hay más amor que somos capaces de dar, más esperanza que somos capaces de tener, más pasión que somos capaces de desencadenar y más fé a aferrarnos Simplemente no caminamos lo suficientemente lejos en nuestras propias carreteras para llegar al punto en el que estamos viendo esas acciones florecer. Queremos resultados inmediatos y cuando no vemos ninguno, nos damos por vencidos. Dejamos que el agotamiento nos detenga.. . Cada persona que has admirado ha tenido momentos en los que se sintieron derrotados en la búsqueda de sus sueños. Pero eso no les impidió alcanzarlos. Se te permite tropezar lentamente hacia tus mayores transformaciones. No siempre tiene que ser un asunto candente y flagrante. . Algunas partes de la vida suceden en silencio. Ocurren lentamente. Suceden por las pequeñas y cuidadosas elecciones que hacemos todos los días, que nos convierten en mejores versiones de nosotros mismos. Tenemos que permitirnos el tiempo para que esas alteraciones sucedan. Para verlas evolucionar. Para no crecer desesperadamente frustrados en el medio. Cuando estés cansado, ve despacio. Ve en silencio. Ve tímidamente. Pero no te detengas. Estás cansado por todas las razones correctas. Estás cansado porque se supone que lo debes estar. Estás cansado porque estás haciendo un cambio. . Y algún día ese crecimiento dará paso al rejuvenecimiento exacto que necesitas! . Sigue caminando en fé y convicción... Porque pronto esa crisálida que tanto pesa, dará paso a una hermosa mariposa! . #Coachespiritual #shabatshalom
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Our life is a constant...of changes! . It's what makes it LIFE -VITA- VITALITY!📈📉 . If everything would be steady and passive not only there wouldn't be any growth but we would be dead!! . And yet, we resist changes, and we want to avoid pain at all cost!, and we beat ourselves up for not feeling "great", and we do everything(!!!) To avoid those hard feelings( like what you ask? Medicate, drug, drink, gamble, excessive internet etc..) . What if... We accept ourselves in all the shades ( if you are a woman is more than 50!😛) and we host "those days" as part of the process... As if our success depended on down times( because it does!) . Have you heard of the seasons?.haha! Off course you have!. Well...imagine summer all year.. All vegetation would dry Imagine winter? Nothing would ever grow...automn all leaves would fall and the process would get get my point . We are as cycling and as evolving as nature...we also have high seasons and low seassons..cold winters and warm summers preceded by blossoming springs... . If we don't embrace the process we won't evolve and trascend... . So what is the real issue then? The era and generation we live in is one that worships SUCCESS..GREATNESS..ENTREPENEURSHIP..INNOVATION...BEING FAMOUS_ even if only in ig)..GRIT...MOTIVATION...NEVER STOPPING... And so it leaves very little room for us to embrace vulnerability and pain and failure and maybe lack of motivation to be great! . So my message to all of you having one of those days or weeks.... Please!!!! Just take some "me" time Minimize your "to do" lists And give yourself some time.. BUT....if it goes on for more that one month where you feel more lethargic than you know yourself, and you feel sad and negligent PLEASE SEEK HELP! It is one thing to have some down and another to fall into a depression. . strong, do good, fall down but don't forget to get up because THIS TOO SHALL PASS! . GREAT DAY TO ALL!💜💚💛😘 . #coachingespiritual #spirituality #spiritualcoach #kabbalahcoach #kabbalahlife #seasons #lifelessons
La vida siempre va a ofrecernos opciones O nos derrumbamos, o crecemos, O nos hacemos víctimas, o víctores, O nos lamentamos y sufrimos, o dejamos que el dolor pase como lo que es, un sentimiento necesario e indispensable. . Lo que parece al principio un fín, puede terminar siendo el principio de algo hermoso . Lo que parece amenazar con rompernos, pueden ser las grietas por las que entren la luz . A veces lo que termina es solo un capítulo de la vida y no la vida misma. . Atrevernos a crecer de lo que duele, es el acto de valor y resiliencia más grande. . La vida no nos sucede A nosotros sino PARA nosotros. . Atrévete a crearte y recrearte cuantas veces sea necesario... No estamos obligados a ser la misma persona que fuimos hace un año un mes y nisiquiera un minuto atrás. . En todo momento podemos evolucionar. . Que tengan una semana maravillosa🌠🌠🌠 . #coachvenezolanaenisrael #coachingespiritual #coachinglife #cbt #lecciones #vida #instacoach #motivationalspeaker #growth #lifecoach #nlppractitioner #kabbalahcoach #kabbalah #israel
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