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"The light and layering in this photo by @tyschiff make this frame. The rays accentuate the spectrum of colors from both the kelp and the water, and perfectly silhouette the sea lion in the image. The kelp in shadow has a vignetting effect that draws your eye to the center of the frame. It's a magical, moody shot and I am here for it." - Rolaine Ossman (@rolaineossman ) Photo Contest Judge . . Do you have magical moment that you've captured in a photo? Show us by following the link in our profile and entering the 2019 Photo Contest! . . #ocean #magical #California #nature #MontereyBay
“Patience can pay off. And it did it did for photographer Carlos Eduardo Goulart who braved a stormy night only to be greeted by this scene the following morning. To me, this image shows the power and beauty of nature. The gradient of colors takes me through the entire frame. The dark silhouettes of the trees in the foreground flow nicely in to the sharp side of the mountain, while the cloud breaking at the peak—mixed with the warm light of the sun—gives the image a painterly effect. Great job Carlos!”–Alex Snyder (@alexsnyderphoto )/2019 Photo Contest Judge . See more of our 2019 Photo Contest Judges favorites by clicking the 🔗in our profile! . . #naturephotography #nature #mountains
PHOTO CONTEST |DAY 19| . "As we were scanning the vast grasslands of Mara our guide spotted these 2 huge and handsome male lions who were on their morning patrol. I took this shot when one of them was running towards another with his windswept mane. It looked like he was swimming in the ocean of grass under dramatic African skies." - Photographer Nitish Madan (@nitish.madan ) . . Every photo tells a story. Be sure to submit your own today – link in bio to enter our 2019 Photo Contest before August 31! . . #lions #naturephotography #grasslands #africa
PHOTO CONTEST |DAY 18| . A stunning image of the Aurora Borealis over North Pole, Alaska by photographer Jonathan Newman. . . Have you ever seen the northern lights or another one of natures wonders? Make sure to share your photos with us via our 2019 Photo Contest by August 31! Link in bio to enter. Just saying... you could win terrific prizes...👏👏 . #nature #naturephotography #auroraborealis #nothernlights
PHOTO CONTEST |DAY 17| . A school of fish swirls in the shallows as the sun sets in the sky above - two apparently separate worlds existing at once. A helipad made of historic stones is visible in the background - Part of Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas National Park" -Alexa Cole @alexacolephotography . . Our Photo Contest is open until August 31 – make sure to share your best nature photos with us today! Link in bio for all you need to know.
“I think it’s important to inspire others to get back to nature—to maybe remind people of their youth—how it was growing up 40 or 50 years ago. Go out and take new photos. Go take a walk in the forest. Go take a walk in the grasslands. Go take a walk in your agriculture field. There’s nature everywhere—even on a city street. Go try to make some new images…” –@terrafondriest . . Take a chance! Submit your best shots to our 2019 Photo Contest today. 🔗in bio.
PHOTO CONTEST |DAY 16| . “Baby turtle at the very beginning of its journey” - Maria Weber . Maybe it's time to start your own journey... and make your way over to submit your own nature photos to our 2019 Photo Contest, today. While you're there, see more of our judges picks and vote on your favorites! Link in bio. . . #turtle #conservation #cuba #ocean
PHOTO CONTEST |DAY 15| . . “The Court of the Patriarchs is my favorite spot in @ZionNPS. The three towers loom over the Virgin River and represent one of the best views in the park. I was lucky to capture this scene after a fall storm. The light was brief, but lit up the towering peaks and left me speechless.” - Matt Meisenheimer (@mattymeis ) . . We’re halfway through the contest and have enjoyed seeing so many great images! Be sure to follow the link in our profile to enter your best photos before time runs out! . . #landscape #nature #zionnps #zionnationalpark @usinterior #utah
“Every little bit of this image is a moment. You can’t help but look at the expression on every child’s face as they encounter the wave. The photographer was smart in choosing a fast shutter speed to capture this split-second moment. The composition fills the entire frame which lets me know that the photographer really knows what they’re doing! Great job Dianne English! “ -Alex Snyder (@alexsnyderphoto )/Photo Contest Judge . . See more of our judge favorites by visiting the link in our profile. And be sure to submit your best images before the contest ends on August 30! . . #ocean #fun #nature #laugh #Australia
"Hummingbirds are a very popular subject in our Photo Contest. This portrait of a White-Tipped Sicklebill by Sebastian Di Domenico (@sebastiandido ) stands out because of the beautiful lighting and exquisite detail of the feathers, eye and beak. The photographer states that hummingbirds “stand completely still as they lower their metabolism during night time to avoid starvation.” He found this hummingbird sleeping with several other birds in Sumaco National Park in Ecuador. Classic portrait, very well done." -Melissa Dale/ 2019 Photo Contest Judge. . . See more of our judges favorites by following the 🔗in our profile and be sure to submit your best images to our 2019 Photo Contest before August 30! . . #hummingbird #nature #portrait #birdwatching #ornithology
PHOTO CONTEST |DAY 14| . . “A sting ray scrubs the sandy bottom of a shallow bay of a Caribbean Island while a Pompano fish is following. There are some opportunistic behaviors in nature like this fish who follows the ray in order to get and eat what they lift from the sand.” -Lorenzo Mittiga (@lorenzomittiga ) . . Keep following along for more incredible photos and submissions to our 2019 Photo Contest via the link in our bio. Better yet - submit your own! . . #ocean #stingray #caribbean #conservation #underwater
PHOTO CONTEST |DAY 13| . “This image was taken in @mountrainiernps while hiking up to the Paradise Glacier. I came up to this opening and proceeded inside to shoot up this stream. It wasn't until I turned around and was making my way out when I saw this spectacular scene. Algae and lichen lay dormant in the ice and their bloom are the colors you see here...resembling stained glass.” - Photographer, Henrik Lundh . . Have you ever had a surprising moment while out photographing? Did you stumble across an image you didn’t expect to capture? There’s only 15 days left to show us your best photos... enter the 2019 Photo Contest by visiting the link in our bio today! . . @usinterior #washington #mtrainier #paradiseglacier #glacier #hiking
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