a very tired girl

shall we stick by each other as long as we live?
talking under pink skies
wild and fluorescent
me and a band called the maine (minus @patmaine ) thank you for creating all my favorite songs ♥️
there should be an iced coffee emoji 😌
got free bagels and scones right before I took this 😎
this week’s no good for me, the @jonasbrothers are in town.
*khalid voice* saturday nights
five minutes after she realized that nick robinson is cute (and tall)
(needed an excuse to post these but) happy bday shithead imy
happy birthday, @saadisalahuddin !! here’s to another year of shit talking, arguing dramatically on the streets, and planning to eat out at a bunch of places but never actually going. but more than all that, hope to see you have a great year. one filled with success and happiness and endless smiles. lmao love you bro 🥰♥️
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