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🌈 Celebrate your power @Prism 🌈

They're coming back! Queer Eye, S4, July 19th.
Behind the scenes of one of the most iconic sitcoms ever made. Friends being Friends 😍πŸ₯° #btstuesday
singing along to St. Vincent while committing Grand Theft Auto is the reason I fell in love with this trio. @trinkets
You either haven’t known the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of watching Riverdale. Or you have.
Ummm does anyone know how to get in touch with @taylorswift ’s cat... @kathrynnewton ’s poodles would like to know...
Am anything but calm!!! Tabitha a Gemini or.... @trinkets please confirm
7 seasons, 160 episodes, 125 threatening texts, 10 A’s, 5 liars, and way too many lies to count. On July 27th, we have to say goodbye to Pretty Little Liars on Netflix in the US. You have six weeks to rewatch, but if you want to go all Mona on it, it’ll only take 6 days and 16 hours to watch it in one go.
@mtv thank you for this blessing πŸ™
Get in loser, we’re going shoplifting. @trinkets
🎢baby, baby, baby, I’m on a roll 🎢
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