Keyboards - Currently touring with Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, Knower, & Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music

Happy Father’s day to the baddest. I love you Dad! #pinky #thepinkone @mikesemradsr
“If I don’t do it, you know somebody else will...” RIP, Mac. Thank you for everything you’ve given me.
Damn. A huge piece of my come-uppance has left us. Dr. John was the VERY FIRST I ever transcribed on piano. I remember sitting with his VHS tapes and being amazed with everything about his playing. Such style, such cast a spell all over me. RIP Doc. You’ll be missed.
Using @spectrasonics_official and Trilian’s key-bass vibes to let out a little darkness after a rough day. This plug-in game may be growing on me....
As some of you know, I haven’t really ever been much of a software fan (always preferred hardware instruments). That may have changed due to these @spectrasonics_official instruments; here I’m using Trilian and Keyscape for bass/piano/Rhodes. The programs are suuuuper easy to use and allow me to plug in a controller and just GO!
The @dwarfcraft Grazer is quite the glitch-engine. It affords you the ability to have a pitched-delay that randomly catches and holds certain phrases (you can also grab them yourself with the momentary switch). Here, I’m mainly using it as a sweet glitchy pitched delay. Either way, it gives hip hop leads a cool vibe. Check it out! (The @yamahasynths_official CS isn’t too shabby itself 😉)
I decided to go for a @gibbstack / #postalservice vibe today. My routing is CP > Count-to-five > OP1 > Avalanche Run > Computer. Each instrument has a bit of intentional glitchiness, including an Expression Pedal cueing some reverse tricks on the Avalanche Run. I hope you dig it!
Here’s a short clip of me messing around with the standard “Have You Met Miss Jones”....hope you dig! We may have to start a reharm challenge here. 😉 #HaveYouMetMissJonesChallenge
I’ve been obsessed with @billieeilish lately, so here’s some strange piano counterpoint-y stuff over her amazing tune “Bad Guy”.
The dude @zachdanziger and I did a little thing the other day.....check it out!!! #practiceweird #practicebasketball #practice #wetalkinboutpractice @theofficialai3
LA, tonight is going to be rad as hell! I get to join the genius @zachdanziger and his drumming/video craziness. Join us at as we cover some of the NBA’s top stories of today and yesteryear as part of Logan Kane & Friends 4. See you tonight!
@markguiliana ’s Beat Music in Istanbul last week. Vibe. (📹-@hereminence )
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