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Despite my best intentions to keep these braids for 2-3 weeks, I removed them after just 5 days. This, because they were too tight. I know this because my scalp was extremely sore and irritated right up to the point that I took them down, and my hairline was disappearing by the hour. It’s important to pay attention to your hair and scalp, and discontinue any counterproductive styles or practices immediately. It doesn’t help to keep a style that’s too tight because you already spent money on it, because ultimately you will spend more money rehabilitating your hair in the months following. Healthy natural hair is about staying observant, flexible and proactive in order to meet your hair’s chAnging needs.|| For more tips on natural hair, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. Link in bio.|| #feedinbraids #stitchbraids #protectivestyles #braidsgang #locstyles #longbraids #braidsinspo #blackgirlmagic #blackhairrocks
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There’s nothing like a gorgeous bouquet of roses to brighten up your day❤️❤️|| Use my discount code ‘Nomazizi’ @liferosa.com_ for 20% off|| #roses #love #discountcode
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✨TIPS FOR INSTALLING BRAIDS IN NATURAL HAIR✨ [These braids are Darling, colour 30] 1️⃣ You DO NOT need to use heat. Most salons want to use heat in order to straighten you hair for braiding, which is convenient for them, but not for your hair. It’s your hair, insist. Take your favourite spray with you and tell them to spray whatever hair they need to soften as they go along. 2️⃣ You DO NOT need to use a rat tail comb except for separating the lines. Detangle your hair at home before you go to the salon, and tell your stylist to use her fingers to GENTLY detangle it with her FINGERS, thereafter a wide tooth comb if necessary. 3️⃣ Do a protein treatment at home before installation to strengthen your hair for the upcoming tension. 4️⃣ Leave out your edges: rather gel them down or you will likely lose them. 5️⃣ Oil your scalp with JBCO at least every other day. 6️⃣ Spray your hair EVERY DAY, alternating between water and product in order to stave of product build-up. Thereafter, put some oil on your hands and run them over the braids for as far as your hair goes. #feedinbraids #stitchbraids #protectivestyles #braidsgang #locstyles #longbraids #braidsinspo #blackgirlmagic #blackhairrocks
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🍴 NIBBLES AT DARUMA 🍴 I’m gonna lead with my rating: FIVE THICK THUMBS 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿!! Daruma is a fabulous Japanese restaurant located in the Pearls Mall at Umhlanga Rocks. I really love that it’s a round table vibe where the chef prepares your order right there in front of you, with theatrics included! This is the type of place you go for a good meal with good friends and have a fantastic time. The music is ‘vibey’ but chilled enough that you can still connect with your people — a perfect spot for a first date. And let’s not forget the terrace with a view of the ocean and the pier. Décor is a simple but cosy Japanese theme, and I appreciate the beauty of its simplicity. With underground parking, you can access the restaurant through the mall and don’t need to risk getting wet if it’s raining. My dinner companion and I weren’t familiar with the menu so we allowed the chef to wow us with his own specialties: cubes of lamb, chicken and beef with egg fried rice and stir fried vegetables. Topped it off with the heartiest strawberry daiquiris you can imagine from their extremely well-stocked bar and voila! One of the best meals that I have had this year. If you go to Durban, go to Daruma. #foodie #hibachi #japaneserestaurant #restaurantindurban
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