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BRAND NEW TEASER !! I am re-posting this FULL frame! IT GETS BETTER THE 2ND TIME.. “… They started it, I will end it!” Rambo said. Coming September 20
NOTHING EVER WORTHWHILE IN LIFE WILL COME EASY ... STRUGGLE = SUCESS . You CAN do it if you are not afraid of failing , that has been the key for me . ALSO THE NEW RAMBO TEASER DROPS HERE TOMORROW #rambo5 #rockybalboa1976
New RAMBO. LAST BLOOD teaser coming this Tuesday ... Horsepower.
Who would’ve thought this cute little girl would grow up to be chased by the MEANEST SHARK IN HISTORY! 47 METERS DOWN. UNCAGED OPENS IN THEATERS TODAY !!! .. Yo, Check it out if you have the nerve.. @sistinestallone @47metersdown
All right my friends I am here to shamelessly promote this film 47 METERS DOWN - because it has my daughter @sistinestallone in it and because it’s really really good! ... I don’t like to admit it but it scared the hell out of me more then a few times! ... So I would appreciate the wonderful people that support me to GO SEE THIS ACTION PACKED FILM ,this weekend , then get ready for Last Blood coming your way soooooon!!! #47meters downuncaged
Happy Birthday ,Jennifer! For all these years you have been a fantastic wife and the greatest mother ever We love you...
“ When you hurt a man’s family , you just dug your own Grave” THE NEW TRAILER WILL BE SHOWN HERE FIRST ON TUESDAY 8/20 ... I!
My daughter @sistinestallone had a great time making this incredibly thrilling and SCARY FILM @47metersdown !!! Like her old man, she did her own stunts as you can see! I’d like to have all my fans please support this film this weekend ... it’s fantastic...
Last day in the mixing room ... Actors may get the glory , but It takes hundreds of hard workers behind the scenes the make a movie work! Thanks You all...
On the East Coast
Working behind the scenes Sometime is better than working in front of the camera.# rambo5
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