#EVERLAST aka Whitey Ford

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Off to Louisiana be back Tuesday. Y’all be good. Happy Easter/Passover to those that celebrate. However you slice it enjoy your Sunday.
Have a Good Friday.... ( you see what I did there?) Go smoke one at the Cypress Star when you re in LA. Life is short tell the people that matter you love them. PS I post these pics of myself mostly for me to remind me of the work I put in to lose 30 lbs. and to inspire me to keep getting in better shape. Thanks for all the encouragement and positive vibes y’all.
Front row for my brothers big moment. @cypresshill #walkoffame
Check my people making a live album TONIGHT!
Happy Born Day to the man @kooldjherc The spark that lit the fire. #HipHop #OG 📷 @vonpoevii
Paris has always been special to me. It has always been like a European NYC to me. The art , the street culture , the food and wine . I proposed to my wife in Paris at the Eiffel Tower and we walked Notre Dame together. Very sad to see this. I read that the two main towers were saved from burning but the damage is still severe. I hope they can restore her to her former self.
I’m ready.
Anyone else having problems w this new PPV system for UFC? Got it working you have to buy on espn.com thanks for the help folks. I got Holloway tonight and the “style bender”.
Take that internets.....
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