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🔥Get a partner and try this workout this week🔥 - Workout by: @penacle_fitness - 3 Rounds/10 Reps Each Movement: KB Squat Jumps Muscle Ups Dip to Leg lift MB Sprawl to Squat Jump
If this doesn’t inspire you to go out and get after it today, we’re not sure what will! 🔥💪💥 - Be sure to check out these awesome optimized athletes: @michaelcvazquez , @primal.swoledier , and @francheskafit. Tag your workout partner in the comments below and #getonnit ! 🤜⚡️🤛 - #onnit #bodyweightworkout #kettlebellworkout #bodyweightworkouts #battleropesworkout #bodyweightexercises
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - "Worth Every Penny"⁠ -⁠ “This is the perfect lightweight hat, my head stays cool, never shows sweat, and is insanely comfortable. IMO this hat is a must-have”⁠ -⁠ #onnit #getonnit #fitnessapparel #fitnesswear #gymapparel #activewear #sportswear
"It’s not supposed to be easy. Go get it." - @aubreymarcus ⁠ -⁠ #onnit #getonnit #motivation #motivation 💯
Kyle Kingsbury Podcast | #101 Paul Chek⁠ -⁠ @kingsbu sat down with World-Renowned expert in kinesiology @paul.chek for another dope podcast.⁠ -⁠ Head to the link in our bio for the full podcast 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 #onnit #getonnit #podcast
‼️Med Ball Calorie Torcher‼️⁠ .⁠ Get lit up with this med ball circuit! Maximum effort every exercise! Let’s kill it this weekend 👊🏽🙏🏽⚡️ .⁠ 6 to 8 sets⁠ -Perform Every Move for 30 seconds each⁠ -minimal time in between exercises⁠ -rest 45 seconds in between sets⁠ .⁠ Workout: @primal.swoledier Music: La Romana (feat. El Alfa) by Bad Bunny⁠ .⁠ #onnit #getonnit #medballworkout #functionaltraining
Goals with @joerogan 💯 -⁠ Do your best, continue to do your best, and your best will get better.⁠⠀ -⁠ #onnit #getonnit #goals #joerogan #jre #rogan #joeroganexperience
Do You Know Squat?⁠ •••⁠ The Squat is one of the primary patterns that gets us from standing, down to the ground and back up. We do it from the time we are learning to stand as an infant. It is a fundamental means of movement as a human being.⁠ •••⁠ As we get older however, more and more of us struggle with being able to do so with ease. Often attributed to a lifestyle that now has us sitting in some form of seat most of the day, many need to spend time re-learning how to squat effectively. •••⁠ Besides trying to overcome the sheer volume of constant chair sitting, there is another major obstacle: the constant argument about how to squat best. An argument that causes people to hesitate diving deeper to reclaim their movement capacity, because they'd prefer not committing to anything too specific, rather than be "wrong" in doing it.⁠ •••⁠ The reality is, there are as many squat variations as there are people. The question to ask, instead of which is right or which is wrong, is what limiting factors are present for any given individual or group in their ability to access a variety of squat options, in order to apply them in various contexts. •••⁠ How we angle ourselves, what depth we go to, how much control do we have over rotations in the joints, do we have endurance to stay in it, do we have power to explode out... these all depend on the input of force, where it's coming from and what we're trying to do with it.⁠ ••• It doesn't have to be "my way or the highway". It can be a journey of exploration that opens a diverse range of opportunities to discover and grow. •••⁠ #Onnit #GetOnnit #OnnitAcademy
⚡️Steel Mace Flow⚡️ .⁠ Play some music and do variations of any 360.⁠ .⁠ 3 rounds⁠ 3-5 mins⁠ ⁠.⁠ Develop coordination⁠ Grip strength⁠ And boulders for shoulders. ⁠.⠀ When it gets super difficult, learn to metaphorically “let go” (don’t let go of the mace, just to be clear) 😹.. but “let go” in a sense of flow.⁠ .⁠ Just breathe and be! Enjoy the moments, know it’s just shaping you to become a little bit stronger, and ready for the next state of being. - @dannycolafitness .⁠ #movemovement #ogflow #mindfulmovement #onnit #getonnit #steelmace #steelmaceflow
❌❌NO EXCUSES ❌❌ - @nicksantonastasso is a prime example of living life to the fullest, and is seriously motivating! He stopped by the @onnitgymatx last week and totally blew us away with his strength he displays in this video 💪 - #onnit #getonnit #noexcuses #fitnessmotivation
⚠️Caution Barbell Complex ⚠️⁠ -⁠ 5 Rounds Repeat routine 5 times⁠ 1. Row 1 2. Hang Clean to Press 1⁠ 3.Roll out to Push-up to Roll Back 1⁠⠀ (1 min rest after the first Rd then take -5 sec off each Rd after your last rest will be 35 sec)⁠ -⁠ @seanbonnit has been working out in a gym since he was 15 years old and has had many coaches and followed different programs along the way. Whether it was his high school sports teams, college football, arena football, and even now fighting professionally in #mma , he had never seen the barbell used in a complex until taking the @onnitacademy #barbellcert lead by @juannit_247 & @coachjohnwolf. As Sean put it, "It completely opens up your mind on what the barbell can do outside the normal ways."⁠ -⁠ Keep a lookout for the next Onnit certification through the link in our bio or visit www.onnit.com/events. If you have any questions dm or comment below.⁠ -⁠ #unconventional #fitness #onnit #getonnit
Think you've got what it takes to be Austin’s Fittest?⁠ 💪 -⁠ 💥Registration is now OPEN💥 -⁠ Learn more and sign up through the link in our bio👆👆👆 #onnit #getonnit
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