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The Blue 77a 4President, Fat Frees, Stimulus and In Heats are now available world wide! . In case you couldn't find them near you, click the link in our bio to snag a set on our site! . #Orangatang #Blue77a #Longboarding
@a_traveling_muff had the uncanny ability of blasting fast as funk squat slides with a furious style! . Check out our story to find his full run on the new blue 77a 4Presidents! . πŸŽ₯ @teambrokeoff . #Orangatang #Blue77a #4President #Longboarding
Some buddy is happy about the new blue 77a Fat Frees!πŸ• . Boulder (Bubs) is our resident wheel durometer tester and chewer. He makes sure every single Orangatang Wheel meets our quality control, by playing catch and eventually destroying them to bits. . So far, the blue 77a Fat Frees are his favorites. 12/10 good boy. . #Orangatang #Blue77a #FatFrees #Longboarding
🐳New and Blue and voted by you!🐳 . The time has come to expand our family of blue 77a Orangatang Wheels! . After a positive response on the Blue Kegels and Caguamas, we asked you, our fans and followers, what blue wheels you would like to see next! . So after much nail biting anticipation, the blue 77a Fat Frees, Stimulus, 4Presidents and In Heats have finally arrived! . We’re stoked to expand the blues in our lineup with four wheels that match best with the soft 77a thane. And as a heads-up, we currently have no plans to offer this urethane in any other shapes. . As you know, our blue 77a formula is the smoothest, fluffiest, grippiest, most thane-line-leaving urethane in Orangatang’s history! Here’s how it plays out on each of these wheels: . 65mm Fat Free: Small and light yet super cush. Awesome for mini cruisers and freestyle/freeride fanatics looking for a smoother ride. . 70mm Stimulus: A softer version of a best-selling all-arounder. Great for carving buttery lines, ripping around town, smooth n' grippy dancing, and tagging the hill with thane lines. . 70mm 4President: Max traction and smoothness in our most compact race wheel. Fits the bill for hard carving and pumping, commuting, slalom, and technical downhill. . 75mm In Heat: Elevating the plushness of an already-heavenly race wheel. A fast and grippy choice for ironing out the chunder anywhere from mountain roads to city streets. . #Orangatang #Blue77a #FatFrees #Stimulus #4Presidents #InHeats #Longboarding
There's plenty of fish in the ocean, or any blue sea, but this fish has been recently discovered, the blue Fat Free! . Patience is a virtue and your dreams are nearly near, just wait until Wednesday and the blues will be here! . 🎨 @DianaGracida . #OrangatangFatFrees #Orangatang #Blue77a #Longboarding
Meet the third blue, for we've spared no expenses, this blue is rich, and will Stimulate your senses! . You've been sufficiently patient and we're sorry for the wait, Wednesday almost here, so let's make a date! . 🎨 @dianagracida . #OrangatangStimulus #Orangatang #Blue77a #Longboarding
You thought we were done? A new blue wheel, but just one?! . We had more blue left and plenty to spare, so now there are two blues total, which make a perfect pair! . Wednesday's the day, you'll receive good news, you'll surely shout "Hooray!" and sing some moody blues! . 🎨 @dianagracida . #Orangatang #OrangatangInHeats #Blue77a #Longboarding
Coming to a board near you, is something special, presidential, and finally blue! . We wish we could say more, but you're going to have to wait, these blue wheels you'll adore, but Wednesday's the date! . 🎨 @NaNaStudio_LA . #Orangatang #Blue77a #Longboarding
Hey Boosted Riders! Which do you prefer, the Caguamas or the Kegels?!? . Let us know which ones and why in the comments! . #Orangatang #TheCaguamas #TheKegels #Longboarding #Esk8squad #BoostedBoards
πŸ›οΈ The Pillars of Carving Creation πŸ›οΈ . #Orangatang #TheKnuckles #KnuckleBushings #Longboarding
Popping high over hump day! πŸͺ . @LotfiWoodwalker keeps his spirits high and his setup higher as we reach the halfway point to the weekend! . #Orangatang #TheStimulus #Longboarding
πŸ’ƒ @joiskwan feeling her new groove on the Orangatang Knuckles! . πŸ“Έ @lil_charrrlie_foto . #Orangatang #TheKnuckles #KnuckleBushings #Longboarding
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