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📣📣📣I have 1-XXXL of these #blablabla s left!! Someone’s gotta scoop this!! 🏁 ALL TEES are 50% off til the end of month on OUCHKICK.BIGCARTEL.COM🛒 Just enter”OUCH” during checkout to receive discount!!!!! Link in bio... don’t 😴
Heyyyyoo!! 💨💨Good morning this is “Bobby Bluntz” here Chillin in da garden! Wanna wish everyone a Happy 4/20!! We gonna be chillin at this @justanothergallery pizza party gettin lit and eating @pizza_jawn and @pizza_gutt all afternoon!! If you wanna take me home , I’m available and funny!! Contact @justanothergallery !! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
🇺🇸“HUMPTY TRUMPTY” sits on his wall!! Farting and complaining that itll look small. He ruined his pants and now where’s a diaper..... Fuck it!! I just wanna give props to the American piper!!🇺🇸 Mad props to all the American (and international) pipe makers out there!! This is my submission for the “TRUE OG Show” opening tonight here in philly. I’ve been making glass pipes for 20 years and our scene, our crew, our culture, our craft has come such a long way!! Very proud of us for growing against the grain. See you at @fioregallery_ later today!! #fucktherules #humptydumpty #nurseryrhymes #americanpipemakers #trueog
Psyched to team up with @slingoner1 and @_slinger_apparel_ on this new #rollingtray 👉🏻Drops tomorrow on MARBLESLINGER.BIGCARTEL.COM 👉🏻Only 30 made!! ☔️
Enter “OUCH” during checkout and get 50% off all apparel on OUCHKICK.BIGCARTEL.COM🛒 link in bio... #jawn #blablabla #fucktherules
Next Friday!! Psyched to be a part of this!! @fioregallery_ #glasspipes #1999 #trueogs
“Licking Eyes” 👀 Ball Jar is now live on 👉🏻OUCHKICK.BIGCARTEL.COM 🛒 link in bio...👉🏻 artwork by @lamoursupreme 👉🏻Qt. Size Ball Jar 👉🏻 Available NOW!! 👉🏻 Only 30 jars made!! #balljar #artistcollaboration #eyeballs #sketch
📣📣📣OUCH SALE til the end of April!!! All apparel is 50% off for the rest of the month or until sold out. Literally only a few random odd sizes left. Help us flush out our inventory to make room for new steez!! 👉🏻 Enter “OUCH” during checkout to receive the discount!! OUCHKICK.BIGCARTEL.COM 👉🏻Link in bio.....🙏thx everyone for the continued support!! #sketch #sketchbook #blablabla #fucktherules #jawn #ouch
Thx @lamoursupreme and @thisshitblinks for having me as a guest in Brooklyn at the @odditiesfleamarket this weekend. Big thx to everyone who came by our booth and scooped the new collabs!! Online drop coming this week!! @taramcpherson and @sucklord it was great to chill and meet you guys!! #sketch #artistcollaboration #eyeballs
“Licking Eyes” New run of #sketch artist collab with @lamoursupreme 👹 Qt. size Ball Jar to keep yo 🥦’s fresh!! Dropping these (and other goodies)in person ONLY >this Sat n Sun @odditiesfleamarket Brooklyn nyc. Online drop coming next Friday!! 💨💨💨#sketchbook #artistcollaboration #balljar
ZP X @mullerglass mini Voodoo Kenny jammer from our recent sesh is available thru @presidentialsmokeshop 💨💨💨
“Kicking it wit” @disk_glass X @ouchkick new piece gonna be available this Saturday at the MainCircle HAMMER show in Portland!! #drypipe #hammer #mchammerpants
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