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Happy Independence Day! 🇮🇳 we hoisted our flag a little differently back in May :) @charit24 @scuba_chinu @rakeshscuba
So. We’ve started shooting for #GirlOnTheTrain in London. Its my MOST difficult role to date; I feel like I’m in a hostel, with no time (or headspace) for social media or chilling or doing anything else. Its a new experience for me - being cut off from everything and everyone else... Will share the first look soon. This picture was the only “timepass” I’ve done on set so far 🤣🤣
Me at any time of the day nowadays. 📞 Spent 17 years of my life without a phone and now can’t do a single thing without it. Miss the simpler time sometimes! #Kalyug 🤣
Travel स्वेटर ♟
Travel स्वेटर ♟
मिलिटेरी 🦠
क्लोज़-उप 🦠
आर्मी 🦠
Style files: BATHROBE👗 #YayorNay #FashionForward 😁
All the summer in the world! ⛱
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