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Happy national girlfriends day babe😘
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Ok, so I am not one to usually post about Climate Change or go on rants, but I thought I could make an exception for this. Seeing this today on the farm I have been working on all summer sickens me. It really does. This is Climate Change staring you in the face, this is the cumulative effect of all the harmful effects on the environment humans have been doing. I would like to note that through Climate Change it is getting increasingly harder to farm, and if it is this bad in central Ohio, I can’t even fathom what other places in the world have to deal with. Plants can’t live in these flash flood conditions, they can’t grow, and they certainly can’t produce food. If more and more farmers can’t produce food, people starve and die. It really is our generation that needs to step up and say enough, that we need to change so that we can live. This is the sole reason I am in agriculture. We all need food, we all can’t live if nothing edible can grow, we can do better, and we need to. The lives of everyone and our future generations depend on it, depend on us. This is all I have to say.
Summer time is here🔥
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Happy Thanksgiving from my table to yours! I am so thankful for all my friends and family, couldn’t ask for better people in my life!
Community Service is the best service🌱
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Part 3!
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