Paul Bettany

I’m bored to an almost supernatural degree #waitingtoshoot
This from The Guardian
Goodnight x
From @danfredenburgh really funny.
Peace and raspberries
Joe - thanks for coming to see me in Chicago and thanks for giving me this! Holy Shit I'm a star wars action figure! p.s. thanks for the heads up about putting him/me in the fridge.
Thanks to all the fans today, and thanks for the artwork from Harriet Wong!
Soooooooooo... Turns out this is gonna happen with me and my ol Chum @elizabetholsenofficial AND IT IS GONNA BE AMAZING!
So I'm in North Carolina filming - yes I'm employed again! And, believe you me, I'm as surprised as the next man... unless the next person happens to be my agent Jeremy Barber.
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