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first post from Norway 🇳🇴- not a typical one. experienced something new the last days and went snorkeling in the Norwegian Sea. some of these “little” fellas crossed my way. they can get up to 1m big and their tentacles can get up to 30m long 😅
idyllic views into lush green valleys.
2018 summer memories. ___ currently on my way north to spend some weeks in Sweden 🇸🇪 and Norway 🇳🇴 together with @fabianheigel
lakeside hangs.
Río Olivia snaking through Patagonian valleys.
@fabianheigel reminiscing on the days in Norway 🇳🇴 ___ stoked to be returning there next week!
remote valleys in Switzerland 🇨🇭 #swiss #myswitzerland #alps
strolling around the beaches of the Baltic Sea. #balticsea #germany #north
the midnight sun hitting the peaks around kvalvika beach.
shine on, don’t ever dim.
can’t wait to return here in a few weeks 🇳🇴 #norge #norway
sunset in the Bernese Alps 🇨🇭 ___ seems like it’s always worth coming back to that place. haven’t been disappointed anytime up there. the hike was quite challenging this time, because there was still a lot of snow, but got rewarded with a nice sunset this time.
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