Pixie Levinson

📸 ⚡️London ⚡️LA ⚡️NYC Beauty editorial for @theglassmagazine out now. link in bio

portrait snap on film 🎞
It’s been a dream, Portugal with baby G @erinfeefee 💕
Me, my calippo.. and shadow @erinfeefee 😁☀️
graceful 😋
Outtake pic from a super fun personal project I’m working on Here we have my beaut friend @franvphillips on film 📸🎞
Noomi on expired film snapped in LA #pixielevinsonphotography #picsbypix ©️
I shot this snap of @dualipa in NYC on expired film which I got in a market. It’s one of my favourite film snaps from the role. Anyone else feel like it’s Christmas every time they get a role of film back? #pixielevinsonphotography #picsbypix ©️
Mini Raver snapped at @sunnyhillfestival 🐹
I took a few fun snaps of my buddy Tyson @generik_dj at @sunnyhillfestival ☀️ shot on my fav @sonyalpha 😁📸
✈️ 📸 Peli life 🧡
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