Portia Phillippa Welch💌

Well now then mardy bum, I’ve seen your frown, and it’s like looking down the barrel of a gun
Sum strong summer vibes here 🌻 🌞 A very Welch day out
Have had a brilliant 4 weeks with some great people, couldn’t be more proud of our social action and glad that I had the best group 💛 So despite all the bad Facebook reviews ncs wasn’t that bad
The trick is to sit as far away from the camera as possible to get lost within the lavender of the field 🌝
Prom was a fun ol night, getting kicked out of after prom was a highlight ✨
When Hannah comes round cheesy photos are almost obligatory at this point As well as a lil Tb to our solid 7 years of putting up with each other <3
Me n my hoes
I’ve discovered that the key to my happiness is alpaca walking 🦙
I love my mates but most importantly I love my cat
Sup pimps
Can’t just take nice photos can we 💌 lots of love for my gal who risked drowning to get a nice photo for my coursework @hannaharnott.x
Hannah harlots Birthday bAsH💌 never seen such mad dance moves as I did last night
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