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⭐️Natalie Abouchar- Nurse Practitioner. ⭐️Emily Brannigan -RN/Cosmetic Injector Together over 20 years combined experience in the industry. 💉

🖊 Plasma Pen 🖊 Non Surgical Eye Lid & Brow Lift Here is Day 5 working Back of the steps in Recovery. The skin here will still be healing with optimal results post treatment at 3 months!!! 🖊🖊 • The treatment area is covered in topical anaesthetic cream for 30 mins prior to treatment. This makes the procedure more comfortable, however there are certain areas which are more tender than others. • This procedure replaces the surgical need for a blepharoplasty. • The instant contraction and tightening of skin fibres, results in micro-scabs on the skin surface which will eventually fall off and leave tighter, fresh and rejuvenated skin. • Tighter skin, lifted eyes, removal of bags, hooded eyelid skin and a more radiant and youthful look. Downtime is approximately 1 week and Days 1-4 we recommend rest & no exercise. For more information 📧 ❤️
And Just like that she looked like Sunshine ☀️ 💉 Some Anti Wrinkle Cosmetic Injections 👩🏻 Cosmelan Skin Peel Never underestimate the power of tiny touch ups & tweeks , making huge impacts on how your skin looks We are loving the #glowup For Appointments Call 📞 8041 5725 And for information or enquires pls 📧 #cosmeticnurse #cosmeticinjectables #cosmelan #peel #skincare #glowingskin
Hear what Natalie has to say to @bodyandsoul_au about the most popular tweakments. Link in bio, beauties 😘
Although Nat will be away from next week , Emily is available to all of our very valued Clients ❤️ Remember it’s not long to start getting your skin prepped for the warmer months. As we are so busy with enquires we have made a new way for you to easily access us for information regarding skin treatments & procedures ... please save for your quick go to - to get the information you require before booking in ; 📧 Look forward to chatting soon ❤️ #wewanttohelp #emailus #cosmeticnurse #skintreatments #gettheglow #followus #hellospring #procedure #skincareroutine #injectables #newpost
Another amazing result for our client with #cosmelan . This photo is taken exactly 1 week after the peel was applied. This peel is not for the faint hearted. There is a decent amount of downtime. Approx 5-7 days of swelling and peeling, but the results speak for themselves. The reason it’s so great is that all skin types can use it without risk for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). The skin is also noticeable improved in texture and gets an amazing glow. Within 2 weeks your skin will be amazing! A home care routine must strictly be followed in order to prevent the pigment from returning. All of the products that you will need are supplied in the pack. #cosmelanpeel #chemicalpeel #peel #skincare #skin #clearskin #pigmemtationtreatment #melasmatreatment #melasma #pigmentation #flawlessskin #sydneycosmeticclinic #sydneyskinclinic #plasmapen #laser #lasertreatment #collagenstimulation #bondijunction #priveeclinic #privee #easternsuburbsdermatology #skinclinic
We recently had the lovely Sarah Jane @faceofsjw in for a glycolic peel and light therapy treatment. As you can see, it really supercharged her glow and helped to reduce her redness. To book your skin treatment with Emily, call us on 8041 5725!
You won’t regret it!
Before and after fillers to the cheek and tear trough (under eye hollows). For best results it is recommended to fill any areas of volume loss in the cheek before filling under the eyes. Think of the cheeks as the structural component of the face. Once the structure has been laid down and supported, then the other areas can be addressed. Injections by Natalie 💉
Before and straight after 1ml of dermal filler to the lips. The lips were injected using the Teosyal injector pen which made the treatment very comfortable, and as you can see, there is minimal trauma just perfectly defined and volumised lips. Injections by Natalie 💉
Introducing the Teosyal injector pen. Why suffer in the name of beauty?? It is a unique electronic dispenser specifically designed for HA filler injections. This amazing motorised device reduces pain during treatment (almost making lip injections pain free) and reduces recovery time and bruising.
What a pleasure it was to treat the lovely Livia @livvvybaby on the weekend! Emily helped her get that glow back with a peel and relaxing Rejuvalight light therapy treatment ✨✨✨
Jawline definition can be created by injecting filler along the jaw bone as well as adding a little projection to the chin to reduce the look of the turkey neck. A fat dissolving solution may also be injected if required to melt away this stubborn pocket of fat underneath the chin. Skin tightening treatments such as the Venus viva may be incorporated to further reduce fatty deposits in the neck, along with tightening of the skin through production of collagen. Injections by Natalie 💉
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