Patrick Tuor

For prep IFBB PRO.Nutritional consultant for Net Integratori.Engaged to @silviasissyassurdascaglione ❤️

My wife @silviasissyassurdascaglione just entered the dark side of the force...please help 😅. @gpcataldiifbbpro me cojoni!!! Screen shot from a video with no filters! #wpdpro #fewdaysleft #nextlevelconditioning #details
@aldin_alijagic -14 weeks out vs. -5 weeks out,olympia amateur in classic bodybuilding. #germany #classicbodybuilding #teamtuor
@superfehd asked me to help him -2 weeks before his show in Alicante (past week-end) and left are the first pics I received (may 25th). Right pics are from today,exactly 20 days later -1 week out from his next show. #france #shw #teamtuor
Kuwait Classic Pro champ @a.m.alsairafi is -5 weeks out from his next Pro-show. #kuwait #classicpro #teamtuor
Morning check with vacuum for @charlyrodriguezhernandez . #mexico #mrmexico2018 #teamtuor
@charlyrodriguezhernandez 17 days out. Sice last year Charly worked on bringing more density and roundness to his upper body,in order to better match his great legs. Having had a good off season together,we were able to approach this diet differently and his fullness is proof that it was the right move. #mexico #teamtuor
@gymjuanderomero what are you doing? We haven’t even started the off season yet... #spain #somebodyisdoinghishomework #teamtuor
That’s what I love about bodybuilding...with hard work you can transform into your best ever version. @uribe_darwin in February and today. #colombia #classiclines #teamtuor
Even with low quality pictures and not fully fitting inside the door,it’s pretty easy to see where @florianpoirson is headed in 6 weeks from now... #france #nothingelsetohastagneeded
2nd week of contest diet for @fbarriosvlk and -12 weeks out. Off season discipline is starting to pay off! #argentina #happy #itscomingtogethernicely #teamtuor
💥LINEA PEP: Nascono gli Amino-Peptidi La linea Pep e’ Il frutto della ricerca Net Integratori che unisce AMINOACIDI in forma libera con aggiunta di DUE ATTIVATORI: PEPFORM® & ASHWAGANDHA KSM-66®. ▶Pepform® è il risultato di un processo per il quale un aminoacido in forma libera viene legato a una catena peptidica isolata da una whey protein di alta qualità, tramite una tecnologia di frazionamento e separazione. Molti studi hanno dimostrato come il legame PepForm® è superiore in efficacia se comparata a un aminoacido in forma libera: ✅una concentrazione plasmatica più elevata, ✅maggiore solubilità e stabilità, ✅una risposta metabolica amplificata, ✅una concentrazione maggiore che porta a una più efficiente sintesi proteica, ✅aumento dello stimolo del processo mTOR ✅riduzione della degradazione aminoacidica. Il ▶KSM 66® ha mostrato benefici clinicamente provati nella nutrizione sportiva nei seguenti ambiti: ✅Forza muscolare, ✅Massa muscolare, ✅Composizione corporea, ✅Recupero, ✅Resistenza allo stress ✅Miglioramento delle funzioni cognitive. 💥BCAA PEP 8:1:1 in compresse e 💥CREATINE PEP 66 in capsule sono ora disponibili nel nostro shop e nei nostri Net Point. Il futuro dell’integrazione è arrivato!!🔝 Patrick Tuor - Nutritional & Scientific Consultant Net Integratori. #netintegratori #pepform #quality
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