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let’s chill 💕 for a feature, tag to #quietthechaos 📩 email for promos or inquiries🌌 jenni & diane

The bokeh is gorgeouss! How was ur day?🐛 - Photo by @_alejandrocuervo Model: @anitaavello_
What’s is more beautiful than family? ❤️ - Photo by @nikkihollettphotography Model: @graceenicholas - My answer: memories
I have a fear of needles...😬💉 whats urs? - Photo by @ladzzo Model: @Patentirana_brusnica
When was your last photoshoot? 📸 - Photo by @nastya.tre
My eyes followed you through the room - Photo by @felipe.alberto.s
Making of two arts in one🏝 - Photo by @monastriederphotography
🦋 caption this - Photo by @camerahead_k
I love the rough look to the surface in comparison to the glass and the focuss❤️❤️ - Photo by @pawel.pac
Ah the perspective❤️ - Photo by @rachelgulotta Model: @kyranickel
I love how the world just reflects off of you. You are so unique, so young, and so ever changing. Set me aside and the fraction of my thoughts would dissipate, but if you wander with me, a path will always be created. So please, take me along on this journey, as if not, there is none. 🌱 - Photo by @skylarelisephotography
Big college decision day for some peeps😱 Any IVY success stories in the fam? - Photo by @elvis_tx_
I love the angle of the shot❤️❤️❤️ - Photo by @yoxiok
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