Rhea Chakraborty

Twitter :@Tweet2Rhea. Smile a lot , because one day all your teeth will fall off 😬. #rheality

🦋 #rheality 🦋
Here’s what love would look like , when she’s found in human form ! She would want me to use a whole bunch of hashtags ,so here I go ############### But she will forgive me because , all I’m saying is #rheality
2 MILLION INSTA FAMILY #rheality #gratitude
I support this initiative @kalyaan_dhev , I urge everyone to please spread the word ! Did you know when both husband and wife have Thalassemia Minor, there is a 25% chance that their child will have Thalassemia Major and reduced life expectancy. Though #WorldThalassemiaDay was on 8th May, it’s never too late to spread the awareness. So, by posting this picture of half my face, I’m supporting the #AadhiwaliZindagiMitao movement to remind everyone to get tested for Thalassemia and prevent giving their child half a life. Visit www.wishingfactory.org or call 844-844-9544 to schedule a Thalassemia test and to donate to help patients. I nominate @sushantsinghrajput @rakulpreet @saqibsaleem to pls post a picture of your face cropped to half on your Instagram handle and tag three others to do the same so we can spread the word.
God could not be everywhere - so he created MOTHER! Thankgod mine has a sense of humour 🙏 #gratitude I love you ♾ maa #everydayismothersday #FBI
You are doing a fab job in the #TastyTreat #IndianMunchingLeague @rushikesh_ratolikar ! Hope you do the best of all and win the final round1 Damn excited! @tastytreatofficial #RheaChipsChallenge #TastyTreat
“Irrespective of how much my hair goes through while shooting, now I only need 30 minutes to fit an oiling routine in my busy schedule! This #OilKaNayaAvatar which is @Parachute_Advansed Coconut Crème Oil is a savior for my undernourished hair. Mummy ki oiling wala benefit but in my own modern way, my happy hair is definitely doing a #RootedMyWay jig! Kiara’s rap has got me and my hair dancing and you can share your version or lip sync to mine to win exciting gifts!”
Rule #1 - Always smile at them ! Rule #2 - there are no rules other than Rule #1 #rheality
I would request everyone to pray for people who have suffered due to Fani Cyclone in Orissa. It has been 48 hours since, and close to 10,000 villages and 52 urban establishments are affected, adversely. I urge everyone to come forward for our brothers and sisters in Orissa by: Donations through the official link: https://cmrfodisha.gov.in/donation/onlinedonation.php Alternatively, you can do the same by using payment apps on your phone. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, which can help us in this situation.. please let us know. 🙏✊🔱
Happiness is a warm gun ! #rheality gets #rheal #Repost @sushantsinghrajput with @get_repost ・・・ Picturesque memories :) @ #Orion 🌈🦋🌪🌏🚀🌌💫🔱❤️✊💥 Good morning everyone:) 🙏 #resonance 🦋
Neha and Jyoti, I was moved by your story and your courage! I hope all parents see this and know that kids really do learn from what they see. Let’s make a vow to raise a generation of individuals who treat each other as equals! #BarbershopGirls #ShavingStereotypes
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