Sam Dietterich

Check out the superfluid helium resonance experiment that I did (click the link below)

Some aluminum sulfate crystals I grew. The yellow color is due to impurities.
Really cold liquid nitrogen transfer line.
20nm thick aluminum layer deposited on strontium titanate. Very pretty!
A nesting robin an campus. So cute!
Frozen liquid nitrogen transfer line.
Argon plasma etching.
A cold trap in liquid nitrogen ready for a helium-3 cryo-clean!
This is one of my favorite photos. It is a picture of liquid Fluorine. The photo is quite famous, and was taken by a professor named B. G. Mueller. I don’t know what university he is at.
The dark fragments are gallium arsenide crystals, just in case you ever wondered what gallium arsenide looks like.
Hexagonal solid helium snow flakes from the same source as my last post.
This is a photo of solid helium dust in liquid helium. It is from a paper my partner @brockgrafstrom found during our helium project. The paper title: Optical Observations of Disorder in Solid Helium 4 The authors are: Satoshi Sasaki · Frédéric Caupin · Sébastien Balibar Published in: Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Volume 153, Nos. 3/4, November 2008
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