Sasha Ignatiadou

ARTIST•ILLUSTRATOR Based in Germany . #sashaignatiadou Please contact me: another account: @daily_sasha Shop 👇

My collaboration with the wonderful @bitterleafteas 🌸 . My “Korean Dream” illustration is on the wapper of the Manzhuan raw puer. It was very nice to work with you guys🧡 . . #sashaignatiadou #art #illustration #bitterleafteas
My prints on Top Drawer exhibition, Shanghai China, 2019. Thank you @misschloebian 🧡 . . #sashaignatiadou #art #illustration #exhibition
Hey Guys! Here is my new illustration „Avec Amour, Marie“ 🌸🍒🐯 . . . #sashaignatiadou #art #illustrations
„Kitty“ Original painting 🧡 . . #sashaignatiadou #art #illustrations
My @createthezine is there🧡 Love all the collection of the illustrations in the issue 🐯 . . . #sashaignatiadou #art #illustration #artist
Hey Guys! It’s me 😋 . I’am an artist and illustrator. I live and work in Germany. I love drawing girls and animals. Now I am working on my new website and shop, so follow my posts! Soon I will share more interesting collaborations, new illustrations and products 🧡 Photos by lovely @lisa_troyanovskaya . . . #sashaignatiadou #artist #dusseldorf #art
“Spring Girl” Original painting 🌸 . . . #sashaignatiadou #art #illustration
My new Illustration “Kyoto Dream ”. I’ve been working on for a few weeks 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 And I want to say again, many thanks to you Guys, your are the best! It were really difficult days and all of you showed concern and participation. Much love and have a great evening 🧡 . . . #sashaignatiadou #art #illustration #cats
My illustration „Korean Dream“ and beautiful illustrations by @aljahorvat and @cloudy_thurstag are being selled on all the shops @sheinofficial in different countries without our permission. We send them messages in different social media and of course also emails but they still haven’t removed our illustrations from their sites. I think it is unacceptable. They gave us feedback in instagram and said that after weekend they will contact us and solve this situation. I hope that was the truth, but I work hard every day 8 and more hours to create my illustrations and now the big company makes money on my work. So easy! Please share our stories, it’s really very important for us . . I was so impressed, dear friends, that many of you have already helped me. All those who follow my stories, just thank you so much for your support🙏🧡 much love!
“Double Intentions”. This and some other original paintings are available now in my Etsy shop. Link in bio. . . . #sashaignatiadou #illustration #originalpainting #art
„PLANTS“ original painting. Acrylic on paper. A4. Now available in my online shop. I added some new original paintings in my store! 🐯 Check the link in my bio. . . . #sashaignatiadou #artwork #illustrator #patterns
This is “My crane” and this the first illustration in @procreate 🧡 I’am really happy because the creative process was so interesting and very very easy. So excited to share with you this one 👻🐯 . . . #sashaignatiadou #illustration #art #procreate
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