Scheima شيماء

🇦🇹 & 🇹🇳 Architecture student Love to: ▪️play 1960s dress up Inspired by things I 🧡: ▫️Art, Architecture, Anime,....

Any news?
My current look : CHOPPER🦌
Sweet like baklava🎶
Ladybird /ˈleɪdɪbəːd/ a small, red beetle that is round and has black spots.
Are u Persian?
Where I see myself in 10 years... #fatcatsofinstagram
Always late.... even for this post
I think I was clear.... I'm not moving!
Where is the ***** metro !? *lost*
*sweats in french*
Je m'appelle Mona!🥐 Which version is ur fav? (mine is the third oneXD)
Swipe to see a friendlier face ;) One of my fav buildings in Vienna from Harry Glück #architecturephotography
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