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I’ve continue to drop into straps classes on occasion @circuswarehouse with @mattyboysb This year I’ve also explored contortion, adult tumbling @brooklynzoony & ballet w @suziwinson . Dealing w injuries, wear & tear, i’ve had to step back a little from both my yoga / acro practice. I’ve started to come back to both once again! I’m training students to become 200-hr yoga teachers; I have personal training clients where I get to apply many skills; I’m teaching a new vinyasa class on Wednesday’s @sleepyhollowcc 9am! I’m teaching private yoga sessions steadily & have begun to reestablish my ashtanga home practice! Indoor climbing, speed walking & trampoline parks have been part of recovery! I’ve been lucky enough to be inspired to continue to explore more & I hope to inspire others as well! I still sub yoga @equalize_fitness & @crunchportchester too! I spent part of my summer health coaching several clients successfully as well! More yoga content is on its way! I’ve also joined with @sheryljacksonwellness to create a group on meetup app called “Westchester Health & Wellness Events with Sinda & Sheryl” to promote free, donation based and low fee events with all these skills and more! Join here: Westchester Health & Wellness Events w/ Sinda & Sheryl on Meetup: What I’ve learned: keep moving, stay positive, it’s worth the long drives, only the love you have for yourself will ever allow you to feel like enough, try as many new things as you can, do stuff you suck at until you don’t suck anymore, don’t compare yourself to others- it’s a losing game, notice actions- yours and others- they scream louder then words, your life doesn’t stop because you have kids, balance is essential, sometimes you have to take the road less traveled; you may be surprised by who you meet along the way! #cantkeepagoodwomandown #yoga #vinyasa #teachertrainings #healthcoaching #reiki #straps #tumbling #ashtanga #nasmcpt #acro #contortion #flowarts
2nd 1-minute video of my first burn w Contact Staff! I took an awesome first course w @vimalafaith & @warrrrens ! The entire video of my first burn is 7 1/2 minutes. Taken @thefloasishq - and is accessible on youtube! To watch: As opposed to the first video I loaded this is when I start to get a bit more brave and flow more without fear during my initial Burn! Big thanks to @vimalafaith who video’d this, Lead my intro course and was always encouraging; to @warrrrens for taking extra time, teaching me to spin off and playful ways I have not yet accomplished to light my staff; and to @live4plur for being supportive and encouraging, showing up for my first contact staff burn and for helping me put out my staff safely at the very end of the video! #iplayedwithfireanddidntgetburnt #fireflow #contactstaffvirgin #fireflowarts #ilovefire #burningman2019 #faceyourfears #safetyfirst #getflowing
Let’s get Lit! 🔥So I know I’ve been quiet on social media...not for lack of exploration or play but to take time for myself to develop new skills! So I’ve extended my flow arts training w my newest prop, Contact Staff! I took an awesome first course w @vimalafaith & @warrrrens ! This is a 1-minute clip of my first burn ever on my very own staff. I will add another one after this but entire video of my first burn is 7 1/2 minutes. Taken @thefloasishq - and is accessible on youtube! To watch: I’m still developing my poi skills & am stoked & anxious about spinning @ Burn. Last year I was a newbie w led poi & began a passion which I swore to myself when I returned this year I would be brave enough to use new skills & get in those circles to actually spin fire 🔥! That said, I’ve been taking poi classes & training for the past year w @lalalinapaulina @warrrrens (I still feel far from performance ready...but I’m going for it) I hope you enjoy my first burn video on staff w skills, falls, fear, bravery, humility & the ability to laugh at myself as I get stronger! I’ve also taken my fire safety course for fire performers w @3rdearth which should be required for anyone thinking about playing w fire! What I’ve learned: face your fears; you’re never too old to start something new; we are all adaptable; get creative; I love playing with fire! #iplayedwithfireanddidntgetburnt #fireflow #contactstaffvirgin #fireflowarts #ilovefire #burningman2019 #faceyourfears #safetyfirst #getflowing
Shoutouts to @vimalafaith & Warren for my newest adventure in flow arts; Contact Staff! I have not stopped my spinning poi, I’ve simply added a new flow art to learn and broaden my spectrum. Sometimes I look at the different things I’ve been drawn to as an adult as opposed to when i was younger and i don’t think i could have guessed the directions my journey through life continues to take me! Remember you are never too old to pick something up and try something new. Our hearts are stronger then we give them credit for. We have the ability to love, break, hate, heal and ultimately love again whether that applies to people in our lives or the unique and different sports, hobbies or activities we pick up. Think about the last time you tried something new or stepped out of your comfort zone or even offered blind trust and gave someone or something the benefit of the doubt? If a thought doesn’t immediately spring to mind then maybe it’s time to step outside of your box for a little bit and remember there’s a big world out there and it isn’t made of 4 walls! xo #yogateachertrainer #ashtangi #firespinning #nasmcpt #getstoked #trust #iliketoplaywithfire #flexibility #love #hotyogi #trysomethingnew #yoga #firsts #firefloearts #balance #travel #empower #liveyourlife #flowarts #yogalove #contactstaff #myheartbeatscircus #loveyourlines #yogalife #ownyourshit photo cred 📷@live4plur @yogiinthelight @westchestercountymomsblog
Some times we all need to shine...other times we need to sparkle! Never dim your light for anyone! Great times at Anjunadeep last weekend! I have exactly one day before I turn another year tomorrow- so my plan is to sparkle and shine. Think about one thing that makes you feel a little younger then you are and take a day this week to flourish it! @yogiintro @yoga.moms @stacyknows @emmawestchester @westchesterdailyvoice @hudsonvalleyomies @yogainspiration @westchstrnymoms @yogiinthelight @womenshealthmag @yogaweekly @yoga_for_life_c @yoga_health1 @heystamford #hotyogi #instahappy #superfoods #primaryfoods #ashtanga #nutrition #spirituality #reiki #lifecoach #getbent #barre #personaltrainer #excercise #support #instagood #behappy #healthcoach #getactive #yogisofinstagram #shine #positivevibes #yoga #spiritjunkie #spiritjunkies #IIN #birthday #strongissexy
Anyone interested in Health & Wellness Events like: Yoga (many different styles including acro, yin, ashtanga, vinyasa, restorative, etc), HIIT, Barre, Personal Training, Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Reiki shares and certifications, Yoga Workshops, Thai Massage, Prenatal Yoga, Mommy & Me yoga, Speed walking, Nutrition, Flexibility training, Handstand training, Partner yoga & workouts, Flow Arts gatherings, 200-hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, Writing workshops and so much more!!! Some events will be free and some events may have a fee to attend! Westchester based but all levels and locations are welcome! Join this group to be the first to find out about our ongoing events! #YOGA #nasmcpt #events #lifecoach #200hourcertification #gethealthy #excercise #poi #flowarts #HIIT #myheartbeatscircus #trampolines #reikicertifications #personaltrainer #behappy #healthcoach #getactive #yogateachertraining #westchester #spiritjunkie #registeredyogaschool
Love! Happy Birthday Sunshine! 15 on July 6th! Hope you have an amazing bday with your besties in Georgia! I love you!!!! #birthdaygirl #birthday #happybday #ilovethiskid #sunshine
Healing. If you are gonna push your body to its limits expect to have it push back every once in a while. The biggest kindness you can do for yourself might just be to grab a heat or ice pack and take a recovery day. A few hours and some front tucks at a trampoline park followed by 2-hrs of straps and I’ve got a somewhat bruised arm and every muscle screaming at me (the day after). It’s always a surprise cause in the moment it’s great- we can feel invincible; ride that endorphin high or just be stoked at the things our bodies can still do! Today I had to own that and miss a spinning class because my muscles were too sore to raise my arms over head. So I’ll have to put a little extra practice time in- but I own who I am and what I like to do and the results of all my actions. Today, I’m letting go and inviting recovery! Think about when you may need it too! Specializing in private 200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings for moms & busy bees- At home personal training & Health Coaching! More info @ #instahappy #nasmcpt #lifechange #lifecoach #200hourcertification #gethealthy #excercise #poi #flowarts #straps #myheartbeatscircus #trampolines #reikicertifications #personaltrainer #behappy #healthcoach #getactive #yogateachertraining #bethechange #spiritjunkie #registeredyogaschool
Hmm so if I start to play w puppy presses to handstands can my right wrist handle it while still somewhat injured? Don’t take this as a cue to throw your weight into injuries! Earlier in the year I developed a ganglion cyst in my right wrist. It became so bad I couldn’t take a chattarunga. Numbed; drained; shot w a steroid cocktail it took months to begin to add weight. I’ve tried to avoid hand surgery but with continued use it may be unavoidable. So like any other type A, right now doing my thing till necessary. I love to be upside down, one of my favorite things. No matter what age we are injuries happen & it can truly challenge what we’re made of. Do we give up? Get depressed? Detach from things we love cause we feel heartbroken & halted against our wills? Or do we expand not just our physical repertoire but mental one too? Can you think of alternate exercises which will still give the endorphin “high” or joy that comes w your fave way to work out but from different exercises? I’ll admit I may hang in the bell jar like the rest of us but not for long! I started switching it up when I had to put a temporary pause on standing acrobatics & gymnastics so in came: Ballet; indoor climbing; speed walking; contortion, personal training; yoga; straps; spinning podpoi; jumping jacks; training another generation of yoga teachers. That’s right you can’t keep a good woman down or anyone who is determined enough to keep in shape. If you’ve made a life in fitness or a life filled w fitness, it’s easy to let that define you. When injured it’s almost like we lose how we define ourselves because of this. They key is to reinvest yourself by exploring tons of activities & diversify what you’re capable of. Everything is connected; as your injuries heal you may come back stronger then ever physically & mentally! Specializing in private 200-hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings for moms & busy bees More info @ #instahappy #nasmcpt #lifechange #lifecoach #200hourcertification #gethealthy #excercise #reikicertifications #personaltrainer #behappy #healthcoach #getactive #yogateachertraining #bethechange #spiritjunkie #registeredyogaschool
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