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Today is my born day🎂June 17th Gemini, kind soul, mother, friend, sister, daughter, best Tia ever, cousin, bestie in your head, WOMAN and more! . • Thank you for your birthday wishes. Today I am simply #grateful to wake up. I have come so far in my life that every year on my birthday I am just really happy to be here, here to tell you my story. I’m alive!!!!! . • I share my story of struggle in hopes to inspire you all to NEVER EVER GIVE UP! To see beyond the pain. To see that you are all worthy of happiness. Even when times are hard and you feel hopeless, lonely or lost. There is a light at the end of you tunnel but you have to keep walking towards the light. . • I wish you all a really beautiful day. I hope you all learn to heal like I have. I hope you all receive blessings, better health and all the wonderful things LIFE has to offer. Many wish for the material things. I don’t. I am grateful for my health, my family, friends who are now my family, my home, clarity, hapiness, healing, my blankets, clean water, income🙏🏽 . • I am just happy to be here with you all and thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your encouraging words, for your support, for sharing your life stories with me. Today I don’t celebrate alone. We all celebrate my birthday smiling together. I love you! Con Amor, Somaya Reece💋
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I’m so incredibly grateful for my blessings🥰 I know I post how grateful I am all the time and I probably drive y’all nuts about it lol but honestly. I came from beneath the dirt. Every odd was against me. I was told my entire life I would never be anything but a stupid immigrant. But I held onto my faith and here I am. I have a stable home, health, clean water, family, food, blankets, income. I have forgiven those who wronged me. I am FREE of hatred. I am FULL of love! I walk with purpose. GOD IS THE GREATEST🙏🏽 Thank you for your continued support and encouragement💜 _ _ Hair style by @jesseboi29 Clip extensions by @trueindianhair Belt @versace Romper @marshalls Pic @thebrooklynjai !! #HairGoals 💁🏽‍♀️💰
SWIPE - Everyone wants to be a boss until it comes time to actually WORK💪🏽 People on IG like to make it “look easy” to be an entrepreneur. THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! It not easy! I keep 💯 25/8 !! Here’s a REAL look at what being an entrepreneur is like.! . • It’s not fancy. It’s not “sexy” it’s exhausting, it WILL break your spirit & challenge your “how bad do you want it” faith! It’s staying home to work instead of hanging out with your friends. It’s sacrificing family birthdays for work. It’s frustrating, it’s feeling TIRED AF but still pushing through because it’s YOUR DREAM, YOUR VISION. . • I’m NOT always on a jet, on a vacation, riding in my Bentley with perfect hair and wearing new red bottoms. That’s NOT REAL! . • It’s not sitting behind a desk calling yourself a “CEO” but not actually doing shit! It’s about getting your hands dirty too. . • If you’re saying to yourself “but if I’m a CEO, a boss I don’t have to do shit” you’re wrong! . • I personally know and do business with CEO’s worth 1 billion (yes B for BILLION) They still do the work! So what’s your excuse? . • Being an Entrepreneur means you will do whatever it takes to make your business a success. YES! Sometimes you will need to get your hands dirty. If you think you’re “too good” to BREAK A NAIL and get your hands dirty. You’re not going to make it. . • When we have MASSIVE work overflow. Instead of just sitting in my office bullshitting on Instagram. I take my suit off, get into my work gear and work along side my staff. I jump in our work van with my drivers, help drop off packages, unloaded the docks etc . • I PUT IN THE WORK! . • If you’re not willing to do what you ask your staff to do, you’re not a leader. . • The difference between winners and those who don’t accomplish much in life. Is the work💪🏽 #GetSlimDetoxTea
Starting my day off JUICING🍏🥬🍍 _ Have you tried my juicing line? Swipe to see a video. Juicing is powerful & essential to achieving optimal health. It goes beyond weight loss + TASTES GREAT. _ We carry an #affordable all natural juicing line in 2 flavors by my company🍍 🍃 . JUICING BENEFITS: 1. Incredible for Weight Loss 2. Promotes healthy eating habits 3. Adds fiber for healthy digestion 4. Adds vitamins directly into your system + micronutrients 5. Fights fatigue 6. Fights disease 7. Reduces BLOATING (ladies - it helps your PMS bloating/cramps & appetite too) 8. Strengthens immunity 9. Essential minerals + antioxidants + natural antibiotics 10. IT'S SIMPLY GOOD FOR YOU! I notice a huge difference when I don't drink them. I'm tired, out of it and bloated. I add a little of my #GetSlimFiberCleanse to all my juices my fiber contains vitamins Omega 3,6 & 9. It's great for glowing skin, hair, nails, #weightloss and my digestive system. Juicing is GREAT!
Yerrrrrrrrr🗣 It’s GEMINI ♊️ HOTGIRL SEASON BITCH!!!!! June 17th 🤑🤟🏽 Hair style by @jesseboi29 Hair clips by @trueindianhair 💇🏽‍♀️ _ I’ve been learning to do my own professional red carpet & TV makeup for last minute things that pop up like meetings, filming tv/film, auditions etc I’m getting good at it. I like a soft look with a lot of glow, peach, pink & golds. Whatcha think???? . _ Cheek highlight by @mercimicosmetics 💫 SONG BY BAE @theestallion 🔥
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I’m boring baby...😏All I do is mind my business, pray, make a lot of money, I got a 832 credit score but I’m debt free, I OWN everything I have, i’m intelligent, I take vacations, I listen to trap music & Jazz, I’m LOYAL, I encourage others, I hydrate, I workout, I’m not in the club every weekend, I cook, I’m a CEO, and I’m kind towards others....I’m BORING BORING🤷🏽‍♀️ #SomayaReece #LGBT #CurvyFIT #Latina #Natural #Salvadoreña 🇸🇻
They asked to see the BOSS so they sent me...... . • As I mentioned in my last post (my Yahoo Finances article) I am expanding my #GetSlimDetoxTea company into ambassador programs and building brands. I humbly built my brand into a multi million dollar brand with NO MONEY and no recourses. I am also the success the behind several corporate company’s earning in the billions. I am now looking to expand into creating fitness companies for athletes, celebrities and helping expand small businesses by investing in them (I will be looking to invest in many businesses I will announce soon. I’m about to be the new #SharkTank I’m coming for a Forbes cover watch me🙏🏽)! Our Men’s line will also be expanding Visit to purchase our MEN’s SlimTea🍵 Congrats Cisco Rosado for losing 72 lbs of fat and gaining 40 lbs lean muscle by training, eating clean, and of course our new @ThisFitsMe product line coming SOON! I can help get anyone get healthy & FIT if you’re willing to put in the WORK💪🏽 If you’re LAZY don’t hit me. Are you next?? And.....NO this is not a #LHH storyline. I got A FORBES BAG💰in real life. She RICH RICH @MeekMill voice🤑 #ThisFitsMe
CEVICHE👅💦 Follow my company's fitness page @thisfitsme @thisfitsme 😘 • Learn to make my healthy recipes (budget friendly), FREE workout tips and more @thisfitsme ‼️ #ThisFitsMe
Hey guys I have great news. YAHOO! Finances is featuring my humble little story yet again. Honestly, since making Forbes I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions😫😢Tears of joy!! I am so grateful & thankful I made it out the mud. I grew up poor in a garage to an immigrant family from #ElSalvador 🇸🇻cleaning houses as a maid. I can’t believe I’m in @FORBES and that I’m consistently featured in the finance world!! Look at GOD!! When many didn’t believe in me I believed in me. I was counted out when I was broke & overweight living in the attic on #LHHNY at my friend Cito’s studio. I was poor by money, but I was always RICH in spirit. I held onto my faith and worked very hard without any money, investors, managers or a man. The only man that helped me is GOD! I have HUGE news to announce soon. My #GetSlimDetoxTea company is growing everyday and we will be expanding SOON! More products, an ambassador program and more. I will be hiring online sales positions. I’m giving out jobs! I just want to say thank you to anyone that believes in me. I used to need an investor, now I AM THE INVESTOR. Look at GOD🙏🏽 Never stop believing in your dreams! . . P.S I am currently writing a book (I’m on chapter 4) about how to be successful with little to no resources and no money like how I did it. I am adding a lot of my personal journey and stories in there to give you the blueprint on how you can do it too. I want to help you guys because trust me I know how it feels to feel lost and alone. No one wanted to help me. So it’s become my personal mission to help others. Please be patient with me it’s coming! #ThisFitsMe
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