Steve Lacy

10PM⚓ at Fox5 in NYC. My rock art collaboration with photographer Mark Weiss is @weissguylacy.

We came. We ate. We conquered. #Nantucket
Multi-tasking. #Nantucket
Island tour.
Pondering the important questions early this morning: namely, what should we eat next? #Nantucket
🚨Non-Ryder content alert.🚨 Lovely family wedding on the Cape.
B⭕️st⭕️n. #phish
I came here to do two things: eat donuts and see Phish. Looks like we’re almost out of donuts. Great weekend bros! Thanks for putting us up Jimmy.
Cheers, Ma! 🥂
Beggar’s Banquet.
It doesnt get much more metal than Zakk Wylde! Happy belated bday to my bro @markweissguy who had a 60th bday party for the ages over the weekend.
Good Boy ✅ Good Girl ✅
Great morning talking about a career in news at PS 15 in Lower East Side at the Roberto Clemente School career day.
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